6 Travelling Skin Care Tips for Beautiful Skin

Traveling is fun and adventurous. You get to explore new places, witness architectural masterpieces, sample a melange of cuisines and revel in the scenic beauty around you. But, as the saying goes, everything has its pros and cons. So, where on the one side traveling gives you a delicious slice of the world, it also has a negative impact on your skin and sometimes even on your health. But, there’s nothing that a bit of expert advice and vigilance can’t cure! So, if you’re all set for that rugged road trip, make sure you follow these skin care tips to prevent your skin from turning dry and lacklustre.
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A Beauty Bag is a Must Have!
Do you borrow someone else’s clothes on a holiday? No, you carry everything you’ll require in a neat little suitcase. So why depend on others when it comes to your skin care and beauty products? In just the same way, pack a BB, Beauty Bag, with all the products you’ll require, from face washes to lip gloss, and add this bag to your luggage. The biggest benefit of following this practice is that you’ll always be using products that suit your skin and so you won’t have to worry about unpleasant outbreaks and allergies.

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Less is More:
Traveling isn’t exactly a piece of cake. Sometimes you have to sit cramped up in a train compartment for hours, or you’re left to roast in the back of an open-topped car. You sweat or shiver and you get incredibly tired! Imagine having to deal with a thick coat of makeup through all of this. Impossible, right? So, always keep your makeup to a bare minimum. This will give your skin a better chance to breathe and you won’t have to deal with oily, sticky skin.

Moisturize to Acclimatize:
The one thing that you absolutely have to do when travelling is moisturize your skin. Due to the dust, long hours of travel, irregular routines and insufficient sleep, your skin ends up losing a lot of moisture. So, to keep your skin well-hydrated, slather on moisturizer frequently. You could also spray your face with a face mist at regular intervals to rejuvenate and freshen up your skin. Besides this, consume lots of water, fresh fruits and vegetables to stabilize water content levels in your body.

Save Face with Sunscreen:
Whatever you do, don’t forget to slip a tube of sunscreen into your travelling beauty bag. Slather sunscreen on all the parts of your body that are exposed to avoid getting a nasty tan. When choosing a sun screen, remember to opt for one that has SPF 15 and above. Also, choose a sunscreen that is meant for your skin type.
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Drink Smart, Eat Smart!
When travelling, keep a strict watch on your diet. See to it that you consume lots of fruits and veggies. Also, gulp down those glasses of water and fruit juices, because the more liquids you consume, the better for you! By exercising control over your diet and not indulging in unhealthy binges, you’ll prevent your face and journey from being ruined by unwanted breakouts.

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Cleanliness Alert!
When you travel, a lot of dust and dirt sticks to your hands and face. Dirty railings, window sills, benches, you tend to touch a lot of unclean objects while travelling. The dirt from your hands gets passed on to your face every time you touch your face, and I’m sure that happens a lot. Dirt on your face equals clogged pores and this equals acne. So, stay away from this vicious cycle by nipping the problem in the bud, that is, by keeping your hands clean. So, keep a hand sanitizer handy and use it to clean your hands frequently.

Well, with these travelling skin care tips, you’re sure to enjoy smooth, problem free skin no matter how long or tedious the journey might be.
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