10 Ways to Pump Your Muscles with the Pull-Up Bar

Wonder how they all got upper-body mass with such a small equipment? Here is how. The pull-up bar is one of the most impressive pieces of equipment for a home gym. It uses your own body weight to work-out a variety of muscles in your body, a feat which is near impossible to achieve through regular gym equipment. The fact that you hang freely means your core is involved at every point to stabilize your body. Plus, the mixture of static muscle contractions and extension movements hit the muscle fibers from all angles.

10 Ways to Pump Your Muscles with the Pull-Up Bar

Most users have gone on to say that pull-up bar is the only equipment you will ever need for a complete upper-body workout.

Here are the finest pull-up bar workouts to do at home.

1. Standard chin-up
The most regular exercise. If you have been somewhere near the pull-up bars you must have seen people pulling off this feat. Just face the pull-up bar and grab it at shoulder length. Now pull yourself up and try to touch your chin to the lever (not actually possible) but try to take the chine above the bar.

Standard chin-up

Keep trying until you achieve it.

2. The climber pull-up
Start same as the standard chin-up, now move your hands wider and pull yourself up. While in-between the ground and top-half, shift the weight from right arm to left arm. Repeat motion on both ends. One complete swing will count as one pull-up. Try to do at least 10.

3. Behind neck pull-up
Grab the bar same as the first one. Now push yourself up. But instead of touching the chin with the bar touch the back of your neck to the bar. You will have to lean forward and pull yourself from the shoulders to achieve the posture.

Behind neck pull-up

4. Gironda sternum chin-up
A tough pull-up exercise. Gironda sternum chin-up is extensively practiced by soldiers, as it impacts both the bicep and shoulder muscles. Push yourself up and touch your chest to the bar. Now come down and let your lats be free.

5. Negative pull-ups
Okay so this one isn’t for experts specifically, as it helps the users to build muscle for a full muscle-up. If you are new to all the pull-up exercises, then this will be surely of help. To start it, first get a chair and stand on it. Now hold the bar. You have to lower yourself until you are fully extended from the bar. Again repeat it.

Negative pull-ups

6. Band assisted chin-up
Though it is practiced sparsely in reality, but it can help while transitioning from negative pull-ups to a full muscle-up. Secure a resistance band around the bar and place your knees in-between it for assistance. Now pull yourself up until your chin is level with the bar. Slowly lower self and extend the resistance band. Repeat.

Band assisted chin-up

7. Windscreen wipers
Grip the bar with your palms facing you. Now pull yourself up through your arms and swing your legs towards the bar. Now hold your arms and torso steady to swing legs like a wiper from left to right, as far as the legs can go on each side.

Windscreen wipers

8. Bat wing chin-up
Similar to Gironda sternum chin-up exercise, the bat wing includes the same pull-up motion. The only difference is that you will be pulling yourself through the biceps. After pulling yourself up, stay in that motion for five seconds at least.

Bat wing chin-up

9. Hanging leg raises
Hold the bar with your palms facing you and leave yourself free to dangle. Now stabilize your torso and slowly bend your hips to move your legs upward from the ground. Do it until they are parallel to the floor.
Hanging leg raises

Do it rigorously to shape the front of your abs.

10. Hanging Reverse Shoulder Shrugs
In this exercise hold the bar same as done in the previous exercises, keep the weight loose and hang from the bar for some time. Now lift up slightly and shrug your shoulders down and away from your ears. Perform the steps again to isolate traps. The workout will put stress on the trapezius muscles and build solid shoulders.

Hanging Reverse Shoulder Shrugs

Which one to do first?
Look, if you are a beginner, then starting with the negative pull-ups makes sense. Otherwise, start with the standard pull-ups and go on with the flow.

Looking for the best pull-up bar to start your upper-body workouts at home?

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