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About The Author
Rizwan Ahmad: Author and founder of Myfoodforu founded in 2012.
He is a passionate blogger from India and he loves to write article on his blog, he runs a number of blogs on the internet. like Food, Travel, Life Style, Health and Beauty, Home Improvements, technology, etc.

Purpose of Creating This Blog
The reason behind creating this blog is, to provide best information about every thing that people want to know about traveling, foods, automobile, cuisines, health and beauty, fitness tips, home improvements and about family and personal related topics. This blog covers almost every part of the human life to make once life more better healthier, smarter and more beautiful.

Site bio  
'Myfoodforu' is travel blog providing you new ways of traveling around the word, searching for good and healthy foods for you, giving you the best care of your health and fitness by making your lifestyle more healthy and beautiful. This blog provides unique articles on different topics like foods, travel,

beauty and health, fashion, fitness tips, best healthy cuisines and more.

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