6 Food to Nurture a Healthy Brain

Having a healthy body is a must in facing the challenges of our everyday life. But working out and eating food for a healthy body is not enough. For us to be able to go along with the competitive world we're in, we must also have a healthy brain that functions well. We should be aware of the right food that we must take for us to enhance our memory and sharpen our mind. As we all know, our brain is our strongest weapon in solving any problem that life throws us. That is why it is very important to nurture our brain properly.

Here are the list of food that you may need to have a healthy brain:

Fish are rich in Omega-3 fatty acids that can help improve your memory and avoid memory lapses. Add salmon, sardines and mackerel on your diet if you wish to enhance your memory and reduce the risk of dementia. Eating fish can help you gain fish oils that will give your brain a capacity to function at high level. Other foods that are good source of omega-3 fatty acids are walnuts, pumpkin seeds, flaxseed, and soybeans.

Fortified whole grain cereals are rich in folic acid that help prevents memory loss. It is also the source for steady steam glucose that can help you keep calm and relax. Whole grains like dark bread, brown rice, oatmeal, and dark bread also provide carbohydrates that can give your body and brain a lasting energy that you can use to fight the stressful day.

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Fruits are great to eat for you to boost your brain. It is the best source of glucose that can help you mentally alert in everything you do. It can easily digest that you  can take it anywhere and anytime. But of course, you must always remember that you should only eat fresh fruits and avoid dried or canned.

People need carbohydrates to fuel the brain in functioning well. It is important that you eat food that has an abundant supply of carbohydrates like sweet potatoes. It also has Vitamin B6 and antioxidants that is good for our health. Vitamin B6 is also important because it is responsible in manufacturing neurotransmitters which helps in proper communication of certain parts of your brain.

Amounts of B vitamin folate that is rich in leafy greens are needed by your body for you to be able to maintain cognitive skills and verbal fluency. It helps your brain to function well when it comes to speaking.

Berries should be eaten to enhance your memory because it is abundant in antioxidants called anthocyanins. We must know that memory loss happens when neurons of people die. And to avoid this from happening, you must eat food that contains fisetin, another kind of antioxidant that can be found in strawberries. You should consume foods rich in antioxidants because it help the flow of oxygen for your brain to stimulate well.

Aside from food that we must take in maintaining a healthy brain, we must not forget that we also need a proper sleep. Do you have other food that can help us enhance our memory and help our brain function well? Share your thoughts with us!

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