The Amazing Lion Monument in Lucerne – Switzerland

The name of Switzerland is officially ‘Swiss Confederation’. Switzerland is located in European continent, bordering Germany, France, Italy and Austria in north, west, south and east respectively. Switzerland has a unique distinction at it has always remain neutral in all the major conflict of our century. Switzerland decided to remain neutral during World War I, II and Gulf War as well. Switzerland is also the birthplace of Red Cross Organization which undertakes major activities of help in emergency around the world.

The country has the highest per capital income and for the last five years has been on top of the highest and strongest economy of the world. Living standards of the country are believed to be in the list of highest living standards and quality of life around the world. Switzerland has developed itself as a major tourist destination as being an open society and peaceful region.
The Amazing Lion Monument in Lucerne – Switzerland
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There are many places in Switzerland that have attention of the tourists. Zurich and Geneva are having highest living standards and an amazing infrastructure. Lucerne is also a city of Switzerland, located in its north-central region. This region is a German speaking region of the country and Lucerne is capital of Canton of Lucerne. Being located on the shore of Lake Lucerne and having insight ‘Rigi’ and ‘Mount Pilatus’ of the Swiss Alps, the city is a major tourist destination. A wooden bridge known as ‘Chapel Bridge’, constructed during 14th century, is considered to be a landmark of the city. Many painters have painted images of the bridge and their replicas are sold as souvenirs and interior décor items printed on canvas prints NZ.

The city of Lucerne was a part of the Roman Empire and that is why we see a Roman architectural touch in the sculptures and buildings there. One of the most famous sites in city of Lucerne is the ‘Lion of Lucerne’. This amazing piece of art was a design by ‘Bertek Thorvalsen’, however it was given a shape by ‘Lukas Ahorn’ in early 19th century. During the French revolution of late 18th century, there was a massacre of Swiss Guards.

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The sculpture was designed and hewed as a memory to those massacred Swiss Guards. Mark Twain, a famous American author termed the sculpture as, “the most mournful and moving piece of stone in the world”. The Lion monument of Lucerne is staggering sixe meters in height and about 10 meters in length. The lion carving shows a spear gone through the lion which has hurt it badly and dyeing sitting there. The monument holds all the names of the officers of Swiss Guards that laid their life in the line of duty. According to facts and figures, around 750 soldiers died on that day while 350 survived the attack. The Lion of Lucerne has a replica of its carving Oakland cemetery of Atlanta – Georgia.

City of Lucerne has many other places for sightseeing and that is why it has developed itself as a tourist destination and attraction. There are some amazing architectures to be seen in the city along with many bridges. Few of them are:

•    Spreuer Bridge
•    Reuss River
•    Chapel Bridge
•    Church of St. Leodegar
•    Swiss Museum of Transport
•    Culture and Convention Center

Switzerland is also famous for shopping; it has many internationally known brands of watches and chocolates. Swiss cheese is also very famous among the tourists and who can forget the famous swiss knife.
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