Under Sink Storage For Tidy Bathrooms And Kitchens

If you live in a not so spacious apartment you probably think of different tricks in order to deal with the clutter and make your small place cozy and welcoming. All the clothes and gadgets are neatly stored in the closet, the saucepans are put in the kitchen cabinets, the shoes have their own shelf but there's one more place, which you can use to save space and get rid of the mess- namely the space under the sink. You just need to be proactive and creative and pretty soon you will be amazed how convenient it is to put stuff in there. Here are some suggestions we have gathered for you:

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Under Sink Storage For Tidy Bathrooms And Kitchens
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•    Cleaning supplies. Since each cleaning detergent is intended to fight different kinds of bacteria and dirt, every housewife should have tons of bottles containing more or less powerful cleaners. Bearing that, in mind, it must be a really time-consuming task to find exactly the one you need. Organizing them in your own way and putting all the detergents and sponges under the sink will save a lot of time and make room for something else.

•    Small electric devices – every time you use the hair dryer, you put it on the plot in the bathroom. Not to mention that you are really short of space because all your face lotions and nail polishers and all the other cosmetics is placed on the plot as well. The clutter is simply awful. It's high time you get rid of it. There are organizers intended to fit under the sink and they are the best solution for you. You can find them in any hardware store at a fair price. The pocket – shaped organizers you can hang up on the door of the cabinet are also convenient and gather a lot of small items.

•    The recycle bin. Putting an orange peel at the bottom and placing it under the sink is enough to neutralize the bad smell the trash brings about.

•    If the sink in your kitchen has a special in-built drawer that doesn't have a direct contact with the pipes, it is a really good idea to keep your spices in there. The more diligent housewives would even put them in, say it, an alphabetical order but the main idea is to avoid the mess and save space.

•    It greatly depends on the design of your kitchen but if you make some measurements, the space under the sink plot can even be enough for a washing machine or a dish washer.

•    The towels that in general take a lot of space can be placed under the sink in the bathroom as well.

•    If you have a pet there's not a more suitable place where you can store their food, medicines and treats.

•    Make some more space in the cabinets and put the pans and saucepans you rarely use under the sink. Same thing is valid for the plates and bowls. You will be astonished how clean and neat your kitchen will look without a pile of dishes scattered all over.

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•    However, if you have little kids, be careful what you put under the sink. It might be convenient but it is not among the most secure places at home.

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