We Wish You A Stress-Free Christmas, And A Chilled Out New Year!

Is there anything more stressful than the run up to Christmas? It costs a load of money, you are forever trying to second-guess what people want as gifts, and the kids won’t sleep because of all the excitement! There is so much planning to be done, and then there is the tree to decorate, the decorations to put up, and the relatives to invite....phew! Doesn’t it all sometimes just get too much? We’ve got some great ideas on how to slow down and actually enjoy your Christmas, rather than racing through it at breakneck speed. Here they are:

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We Wish You A Stress-Free Christmas, And A Chilled Out New Year!
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Keep It Simple
Practise the fine art of saying NO! You can’t do everything, so don’t tell people you can. Agreeing to too many social engagements, or to hosting a massive Christmas dinner, or whatever it is you have just reluctantly agreed to, will send your stress levels through the roof. Calm down, and make a list of all the essential things you need to do. Anything else is a bonus. You are allowed to say ‘no’ you know! Relinquishing unnecessary duties will feel like a massive relief – so take a deep breath!

Online Shopping
Online shopping is a hundred times less stressful than braving the high street at Christmas. Why anybody still shops this way is beyond us. A far better way to do your Christmas shopping is to wait for the kids to go to bed, open the computer, and get browsing. With loads of companies offering special discounts and free delivery, it has to be the way forward surely? Christmas shopping with a glass of wine in your hand is our kind of shopping! Do it nice and early so everything is delivered in plenty of time, and you have time to return things if you need to. It’s really important to budget at Christmas, as the most stressful thing of all has to be the amount we tend to end up spending! Set a strict and realistic limit, and stick to it. Leave your store cards and credit cards alone – and only spend what you have. That way, you will never feel like your finances are spiralling out of control.

Look After Yourself
Don’t forget to treat yourself, and make sure you get enough sleep too. Eat healthily and take plenty of exercise – you’ll need to look after yourself with all the energy you are going to expend over Christmas. There will be plenty of calories to burn off too!

A Bit of the Feel-Good Factor
It’s really important, especially at Christmas, to spend some time thinking about how you could help those less fortunate than you. Sending food parcels, helping out at a homeless shelter or donating some money can all help to make you feel that you have remembered the true spirit of Christmas – helping people. It’s bound to make you feel better about all the more superficial things associated with Christmas.

Most importantly – enjoy yourself! Christmas should be fun, so let your hair down and have yourself a merry little Christmas!
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