Your Guide to Monogrammed Jewelry

The monogram trend is not losing steam. Today, everyone is getting their monogram on everything, from luggage to towels to suitcases and phone cases! Monograms are everywhere! Monogram jewelry is especially popular right now. But here’s a question we often get – what order do I put the initials in to make my own personalized and unique monogram? Well, don’t worry because we are here to help!

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Your Guide to Monogrammed Jewelry
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Monograms for Single Individuals
Don’t be fooled, both women and men love having their own monogram. It brings class and style. The typical structure for this monogram is to put the first letter of the last name in the middle, with the first initial of the first name flanked on the left and the first initial of the middle name on the right. So, if your name is Betty Sue McGuire, while your initials are BSM, your monogram would be BMS.

Monograms for Couples
Let’s say Betty McGuire met Kevin Cameron. They dated, fell in love, and now they are married! Congrats to Betty and Kevin! But how do you make a monogram for the new couple. The center initial will still be the first letter of the new last name the couple shares, and on the left should be the first initial of the bride’s first name and on the right should be the first initial of the groom’s first name. Our happy couple’s monogram would look like BCK.

Wear Monograms All the Time!
With our huge selection of monogrammed accessories, including monogram necklaces and monogrammed bracelets, you can always show off your monogram! Looking for a special gift to give a family member, friend, or a bride to be? Get them monogram jewelry!

Now that you know monogrammed etiquette, what would your monogram look like? Get your monogram on some of our bestselling monogram accessories!  It’s easy to find a monogram necklace at
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