3 Portable Breakfast Ideas For Picky Teens

Are you tired of making the effort to prepare your teen a hearty, delicious breakfast in the morning before sending him or her off to school, only to find that your teen is too picky to eat it? If so, then you might be wondering what you can do to get your child to eat breakfast. After all, it is the most important meal of the day, and the last thing you want is to send your teen off to school on an empty stomach or with junk food. Fortunately, there are some portable yet healthy breakfast ideas that even the pickiest of teens will enjoy.

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3 Portable Breakfast Ideas For Picky Teens
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Cereal/Granola Bars
If your teen is the type to get up and get ready at the last minute, he or she may simply not have time to eat a full breakfast. Fortunately, you can still ensure that your teen gets a decent meal in them on the walk or bus ride to school by providing him or her with granola or cereal bars. These tend to pack plenty of fiber and protein, which will keep your child energized throughout the day without including too much sugar. Furthermore, these come in many different flavors so you can be sure to find at least one your teen will enjoy.

Meal Replacement Shakes
Of course, you may be wondering "Are meal replacement shakes good for teens?" For the most part, these are perfectly healthy for teens, especially as a replacement for a breakfast meal. Still, you should be careful to read the label on any brand of meal replacement shake that you buy; you want to buy shakes that are high in protein and vitamins, not sugars and calories. These shakes can be a quick and nutritious way to start the day, and they also come in a number of flavors, so finding one your teen will like should not be too difficult.

Bagels make for a great portable breakfast because they tend to be high in fiber and filling enough to keep your teen feeling satisfied until lunch time rolls around. For an extra nutrition boost, give your teen whole grain bagels and allow them to pick out their own cream cheese, whether it be blueberry, plain, or even onion and chive. The possibilities are bagel combinations are endless, so your teen will not get bored with this breakfast idea.

Try out some of these ideas on your teen to ensure that he or she gets the nutrition that is needed to power through the day.
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