Four Healthy Smoothie Recipes

Smoothies are a tasty refreshment that can be enjoyed during every season and at any point in the day. When made with the proper ingredients they are equal parts fun, health and joy. Smoothies present themselves as a healthy, low-calorie alternative to milk shakes and ice cream without sacrificing the enjoyment people get from eating and drinking these kinds of items. This low calorie count is complimented by rich vitamin content, making them very nutritional as well. Below is a list of smoothie ideas for you to try the next time you want a colorful and refreshing drink.

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Four Healthy Smoothie Recipes
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Orange Creamsicle
Mimicking the popular frozen treat, the orange creamsicle smoothie is sweet and tangy with a hint of vanilla. With few ingredients and little fuss, these smoothies are inexpensive and easy to make. Also, they are a good source of vitamin C. Here is a list of the ingredients you’ll need:
-1 peeled naval orange.
-1/4 cup yogurt.
-1/4 teaspoon vanilla extract.
-Two tablespoons frozen orange juice concentrate.
-6 ice cubes.
Orange Creamsicle
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A thicker option than the previous recipe, these pineapple smoothies are rich in flavor and could almost pass as ice cream or an extra-thick milkshake. Here are the few ingredients you’ll need to make these great pineapple flavored refreshments:
-1 cup vanilla yogurt.
-1 cup pineapple chunks.
-6 ice cubes.
pineapple smoothies
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Pomegranate Berry Smoothie
The recipe for these rich and creamy smoothies comes courtesy of EatingWell. They are packed with nutrients from multiple different kinds of fruits and make for an excellent breakfast, snack or a quick lunch. Just as with the previous recipes, they require little prep time aside from gathering these ingredients and blending them to perfection:
-2 cups frozen mixed berries.
-1 cup pomegranate juice.
-1 peeled banana.
-1/4 cup cottage cheese.
-1/2 cup water.
Pomegranate Berry Smoothie
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Green Tea & Honey Smoothie
While it may not look quite as appetizing as the fruitier options on this list, this green tea and honey smoothie recipe makes up for it with its delicious taste and nutrient-rich ingredients. Not only is it high in vitamins, but it also serves as a great source of fiber. Here are the items you’ll need to blend this green frozen treat:

-2 teaspoons honey.
-2 packed cups spinach.
-3 cups frozen white grapes.
-1 ½ cups green tea.
-1 avocado.
Green Tea & Honey Smoothie
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Adding fruit smoothies to your recipe book is a great way to create some quick, healthy snacks or light meal ideas. They also don’t require any other accessory aside from a blender and an appetite. Their minimal preparation and cleanup make them a no-fuss item that can be prepared in little to no time at all. Try experimenting with your own blends or adding extra ingredients for even more flavor and beneficial nutrients!
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