Celebrate Your Summer BBQ With These Top 7 Iphone Apps

The iPhone store offers a plethora of apps to choose from. And when Apple permitted third-party software to produce their respective apps for the iOS, the choice has even widened more. iPhone apps can help you to do some things that you cannot even imagine. One of them is barbecuing. If you are set for your next party with BBQ grills , consider getting a handy iPhone app to enhance your BBQ party.

With these apps, your BBQ food would not only be cooked to perfection but also within a shorter time than the usual time. So if you want to liven up the planning and cooking process in your summer BBQ party, here are some of the top BBQ iPhone apps.

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Summer BBQ
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GrillStar (App Price: $2.99)
For grill masters who like throwing everything on the BBQ grill when barbecuing, then GrillStar is the ideal app for you. This app offers cooking times for pork, chicken, fish, steak and even vegetables. This app would even alert you when to turn a certain food on the BBQ grill. Other great features include the ability to change settings and save your own notes as well as the ability to track the total cooking time and the cooking time in different heat zones. You will certainly get the value for your money.

GetGrilling (App Price: $1.99)
Another notable BBQ app is GetGrilling! Although this app doesn't offer timers or temperature monitors, it contains a wide range of BBQ recipes. It offers you an opportunity to browse all BBQ recipes at once, either by category or keywords. Each recipe has an ingredient's page where you can add the number of servings and the app would calculate the actual amount of ingredients required. You may also create an ingredient list based on the recipe to be prepared and send the recipes to friends and family through email. If you are looking for a BBQ iPhone app that offers multiple unusual recipes, then you should consider buying the GetGrilling app.

iBBQ (App Price: Free)
Barbecue is not all about grilling. There are other important factors such as finding the right butcher for sliced steaks and finding out whether the prevailing weather conditions will favor your grilling plans? This app helps you locate the nearest butcher and shows the weather forecast of the area where you live. You may also search many recipes to offer yourself a full gourmet treat. Although it doesn't offer much when it comes to BBQ recipes, you will certainly appreciate this app.

Grill-It (App Price: $0.99)

Another great app for a grill whiz looking for new BBQ recipes is Grill-It. This amazing app offers a wide variety of grill-friendly recipes, ranging from chicken and seafood to beef and lamb. The app even offers grilling tips of appetizers and sides. The recipe database updates weekly and so you will always be sure of finding something new. With the appetizing images of the finished dishes, you will certainly have more fun when using this app.

Steak Grilling Time & Recipes (App Price: Free)

Not everyone could be the grill master, but ruining steaks is like destroying fine paintings. This app focuses on solving your grilling quandary by offering customized instructions according to the number of steaks to be grilled and how you want them to be cooked. With this app, you can cook up to 8 steaks at once. Apart from the grilling instructions, this amazing app also offers a list of the top ten grilling tips, blog posts from BBQ enthusiasts and multiple steak recipes.

iSteak (App Price: $1.99)
This app can calculate the accurate cooking times for different steaks. Just add the meat's type and size, as well as how you want it cooked, and this amazing app will give you what you need to know. You can cook utmost eight steaks at once on the virtual grill. iSteak would display to you a photo of all the steaks being cooked, and a message to turn them when it's time.

BBQ Calc (App Price: $0.99)
This app can calculate the exact quantity of meats, breads, beverages and side dishes required for the party. It would also generate a shopping list from this information to ease your preparation. Just input a breakdown of the number of expected guests in terms of men, women and kids.

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