Sunglasses Fashion Fads: Fun Live Infographic

Sunglasses are essential - at least wherever the sun shines. But they aren't just for blocking the sun. For many people they are essential fashion accessories. They don't just want practical - they want stylish. But did you know that some of the most popular sunglasses today have been popular for decades?

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Click on this fun infographic to take a walk through the history of sunglasses to find out if what you think of as "the latest" sunglasses have actually been around for years - or even since the '50s!
Popular sunglasses are both styles and brands. Wayfarers, Aviators, Tea Shades, and Jackie O's are all still popular. Think Top Gun for Aviators. Or look at what your favorite celebrity is wearing in 2013. Tea shades are still popular, but they are more commonly known as the sunglasses John Lennon wore than as their own name.

If you're into being fashionable, you need to know what sunglasses are "in" this year. The way I find out is by asking the owner of because they have to predict that to know what kind of sunglasses to make. They have a blog where they post photos of celebrities in their favorite shades and publish what sunglasses were hot sellers at the latest event.

Whether you just want your sunglasses to protect your eyes from the sun or you want to sport the flashy new neon colors of the latest Wayfarer sunglasses, you can save money by checking out the fun infographic and then popping in to see the hundreds of styles and colors available. If you wish you could afford the top name brands - but have better uses for that money - you're likely to find just what  you want.
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