How To Cook Your Kitchen Favorites Outdoors

Cooking all your kitchen favorites can now be done outdoors. You can essential bring your backyard bbq with you wherever you go outside. Outdoor cooking has traditionally been limited to grilling meats and vegetables. While everyone loves these foods, it can begin to get boring after awhile. For a culinary enthusiast who enjoys trying new recipes and experimenting with different ingredients, a hybrid grill can really bring something new to the table. A multifunctional grill brings all the kitchen essentials to any outdoor location.

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Outdoor Cooking
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Three different cooking surfaces include:

- a classic grill
- a non stick griddle
- and a deep fryer

This means all three meals of the day are covered with one grill. For longer outdoor trips this can be a really useful tool to have. Breakfast, lunch and dinner favorites can all be prepared quickly and easily. Three meals a day can be made via an outdoor cooking setup.

Some examples of meals prepared on a hybrid grill include:
- French toast and scrambled eggs
- Grilled cheese sandwiches
- Caramelized grilled peaches and pineapples
- Smoked brisket and slow cooked ribs
- Crispy deep fried onion rings and french fries

The same culinary freedom you experience in the kitchen can be brought to the outdoors, and in some ways makes cooking easier. Because the grill has all the equipment you need in one place, it’s more convenient to cook a variety of dishes simultaneously. Cleaning up is easy too. The grill can be completely wiped down and disassembled. Excess oil and grease is collected in a receptacle so disposal is easy.

For camping, beach days, or barbecues at the park a multifunctional grill can be the life of the party. Everyone loves great food and enjoying the outdoors wouldn’t be the same without the proper refreshments. Grilled up grub can turn any boring event, to a tailgate party.

Some of the events that can really benefit from this kind of grill include:
- Tailgate parties
- 4th of July barbecues
- A kid’s birthday party at the park
- Camping at the beach, mountains, desert or anywhere else
- A homemade dinner in your own backyard

There’s no reason not to change up your outdoor cooking routine. There are so many recipes out there to try and no limit to your creativity when it comes to grilling. Breathe new life into the meals you prepare by checking out the features new grills have to offer.
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