Best Watches For Primary School Age Children

Learning to tell the time is one of those essential life skills which we all pick up during our primary school years. Children are taught to tell the time using both a conventional watch with a big hand and a little hand, and using a digital clock too. Many children like the idea of wearing a watch, and once they can tell the time properly they can also be given increased responsibilities such as being told to be in at a certain time or to know how long they have to get ready for school. A watch is a great choice of gift for a child, but with so much choice on the market where do you start looking?

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Best Watches For Primary School Age Children
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Consider the Expense

There is no point in spending hundreds of pounds on a watch for a young child. Even the most careful child can be prone to losing their watch, dropping it, forgetting they are wearing it when they get into the bath or scratching it. If they do have an expensive watch, it is best to keep it for special occasions only, and buy a more basic model for wearing when playing or at school. You can get a very good child’s watch for less than £20, and although children should always be encouraged to look after their property, losing a £20 watch is less of an issue than losing a £250 watch. Similarly, it is important to think about functions of the watch. Children are unlikely to need a watch which is water resistant to great depths or which has a stopwatch function and a plain, basic watch is a far better choice.

Digital or Analogue?

Perhaps the biggest decision when buying a child’s watch is whether to go digital or analogue. For children who are younger or who have just learned to tell the time, a watch with hands is probably the better choice as it will reinforce their learning in school. Choose a watch with a clear face and hands large enough to read at a glance. Many brands such as the Ribbon Watch have a very simple design which help learners to get to grips with telling the time. Digital watches are easier to read, but children have to understand that there are 60 minutes in an hour to know how to interpret the numbers which are shown on the digital face.


Kids are attracted by funky, bright colours and there is a huge choice of different designs and colours. One of the best ideas when buying a child’s watch is choosing something with interchangeable straps or faces so that the child can chose a different look for their watch each day. The Cupakes and Cartwheels Ribbon Watch has a design with 11 different ribbon straps to swap onto the face, and other brands have covers which can be snapped on and off the face itself to change the look dramatically. Children can be notoriously fickle about their clothes and accessories, so either take your child shopping with you or get a clear idea of what they like and dislike before going out shopping.
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