Six Expensive Hobbies For Those That Are Rich

Common Expensive Hobbies 
A hobby is meant to be a relaxing way to spend your down time and while many hobbies require little monetary investment, there are a select few leisure activities that can cost a pretty penny. Here is a look at some mainstream expensive hobbies:

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Sport Fishing
Not only does sport fishing require a good investment in equipment, many of the hot spots in the world are in exotic destinations. This hobby demands extensive travel and there's no guarantee of a catch each time.

Antique Car Collecting
This hobby is quite expensive because of not only the money involved but also the time. Many car collectors prefer to do their own maintenance and a complete restore usually takes years.

Betting On Horse Racing
There's almost nothing better than a relaxing Sunday afternoon at the race track. Unfortunately, if Lady Luck is putting up a fight this particular hobby can be quite hard on the pocketbook. All the money lost in a day can be made back with a big hit but sometimes the time between big hits can seem like an eternity. 
Sport Fishing
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Coin Collecting
People who value gold coins or value silver coins know a rare or valuable item almost immediately when they see it. With coins though, they get more valuable with time so the longer a person waits to sell coins, the more overhead they have in their collection. The best thing about that though is that more patience brings back a higher reward.

There are millions of golfers out there both male and female but it can also be quite an expensive hobby. When you take into account the purchase of clubs, course memberships and a golf cart there is an automatic budget that a person is going to spend each year. This doesn't even take into account traveling to other courses or food and drink while on the links.

Stock Car Racing
The thing about stock car racing is that it's a real passion hobby. People will spend all off season fixing up their cars and rounding up sponsorships from local patrons and the investment is usually thousands of dollars. The reward for coming up lucky and actually winning a race : around $300.
These are only a sample of some common expensive hobbies. Others include antiquing, collecting porcelain figurines, and hunting. The thing about these hobbies is they're participated in because of want and not need and often the personal payoff is priceless.

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