Ditch The Perfume And Make Your Anniversary A Day To Remember

When our wedding anniversary came around in the past I always flew into a panic. It is hard enough buying an anniversary present for your partner but every year you are together seems to make it that much more difficult.

I was fed up of buying perfume and earrings and she was presumably running out of ears and places to squirt smelly liquid on. In the end I decided that the only sensible thing to do was to look at matters in a completely new light.

Get Away
Our first anniversary after I had decided to approach matters differently was when we went for a weekend trip to a remote Scottish island which was about a quarter of the size of the village we live in. She had always wanted to go there and I hadn’t, yet I thought that it would be a good anniversary treat for her. I expected to hate it but we both loved it and some of our favourite photos of all time were taken by the two of us on that tiny but perfect island.
Make Your Anniversary A Day To Remember
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Getting away from the routine for a while lets you remember all of the good times that you have had in the past and to plan for your future as well. We all have our own ideas of what makes somewhere romantic but the most important point is that you choose a destination where you will both feel comfortable and will be able to relax in each other’s company.

Hire a Special Car
If you are going to make an evening of it then why not hire a classy vehicle to take you out? I drive to work every day but my wife takes the bus and she must get fed up travelling like this every day of the week. To try and make our anniversary a bit more special I researched companies which offer prestige car hire such as a Jaguar, Bentley or similar service to enjoyed being driven in style from our home across town to the restaurant. It turned out to be a lot less expensive than I had expected and gave us a wonderful start to the evening. You should definitely consider treating your partner to a ride in a luxury car to make them feel extra special.

Rediscover Memorable Places
We had neglected to return to most of our favourite places where we had created many great memories for far too long. There is a disco which we used to go to every Saturday night back in the days when you could wear massive shoulder pads or pink leggings and no one would give you a second look.

We hadn’t gone back there since we got married and I had noticed on my way to work that it was now a trendy looking pub. In the build-up to our last anniversary I popped my head in to see what it was like and was astonished to find that the layout was exactly the same as it had been when we had danced along to Rick Astley and smooched to Jason and Kylie.

We went there for a few drinks on our special night and it transported us back in time to our days of being boyfriend and girlfriend. I even bought here some 80s style gifts which helped us recall how much fun we had back in those days.

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