Delicacies From The Island Of Mykonos

Delicacies From The Island Of Mykonos

Mykonos has amongst its many features some of the best places to eat in the Cyclades that serve a range of foods and delicacies that will suit all palates. The island is full of restaurants with great chefs preparing traditional meals, often with sophisticated or contemporary twists. It is even possible to find cuisine from other countries such as Italy, Britain and China.

The best place to find somewhere to eat is in Mykonos Town where restaurants, ouzeries and cafes are plentiful. No matter what your budget, you will find something to delight you and keep you coming back for more, though don’t forget to sample other places as they all have something to offer.
Prices do vary considerably but they are usually displayed on menus at the entrance so be sure to check first if you are on a tight budget. For the more reasonably priced food, it is better to head for the center of town as those facing the sea, in particular in Little Venice, cost extra as a result of the great views on offer.

Delicacies of Mykonos
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The best places to eat in Mykonos
Antonini's Taverna – Very reasonable prices are one of the main features of this restaurant that has been serving simple, traditional dishes to locals and tourists for years.

Avra Restaurant – The Avra is a little more up market and is situated in Little Venice. It is open from 7 PM to 1 AM and you can eat traditional Greek food inside, on the terrace or in their garden.

Blue Ginger Restaurant – For a change of pace, the Blue Ginger Restaurant offers a fusion from the East, serving Chinese and Thai food. The atmosphere is great and it offers awesome views of the sun setting over the Aegean Sea.

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Joanna's Niko's Place – Situated on the beach ten minutes away from the main town, Joanna's Niko's Place is famed for its traditional Greek food. As one of the most popular restaurants on the island, it is usually packed so make a reservation beforehand to be guaranteed a fantastic dining experience.

Gola Restaurant – The Gola Restaurant on the outskirts of Mykonos Town is an Italian gourmet restaurant. The views are great and the modern décor is appealing though the prices are high. That said, if you eat there between 7.30 – 9.30 PM, a 25% discount is offered.

Katrine’s – If you really want to indulge in the finer food the island has to offer, then a visit to Katrine’s is a must. One of the oldest restaurants in Mykonos Town, it is also one of the most expensive and a traditional French or Greek fish or meat dish can cost well over 100 Euros.

Atlantida – Situated on Platys Gialos beach, Atlantida offers Italian and Greek foods at very reasonable prices, all served on a terrace overlooking the beach.

N'Ammos – If you are out to spot the rich and famous, N'Ammos is the place to be. Situated right on Psarou beach, the food is very expensive but worth it if you can afford the indulgence.

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