Top Tips For The Amateur Gardener

Top Tips For The Amateur Gardener
You don't have to know the name of every flower, weed and plant in existence and regard yourself as being 'green fingered' in order to take up gardening as a hobby. The great thing about gardening is the fact that virtually anyone can do it, regardless of age, gender, ethnicity, experience or knowledge.
If you are wanting to get on the gardening trial and simply don't know where to begin, then take a look at the following top tips for the amateur gardener.

Become acquainted with different types of soil
Whilst you won't have to be a connoisseur of soil, it is important that you get to know what the three main types of soil are and how to recognise them. Soil can essentially be placed in three main categories - clay, silt and sand, and these different types of soil will have a significant impact on how well a plant grows.

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Plant similar species together
You wouldn't put a pig in the same field as a herd of bulls and you should use the same separation 'common sense' when it comes to planting plants and flowers in a garden.
Simply put, you should plant appropriate species of plants together, as by doing so, the plants will be able to share the same light, nutrients and soil and consequently thrive.

Practise pruning
Expert gardeners never fail to prune back certain trees, bushes and plants at various times of the year, as pruning shrubs earlier rather than later, will ensure that they remain more easily managed and don't become too large and overgrown.

Tend to flowering plants
Nothing looks quite as great as a garden that is full of colour, life and vibrancy. In order to achieve a colourful garden it is important that you prolong the life of the flowering season by removing spent flowers from flowering plants every few days.

Let there be water!
Even the most hopeless of gardeners realises that in order for plants, grass and flowers to grow, they require water. In order for your garden to look healthy and be full of interesting plants, bushes and flowers, it is essential that your garden is regularly drenched in water.

For plants that require a frequent shower of water, it is best to water deeply every few days rather than giving them a shallow water every day as deep watering really gets to the roots, encouraging a plant to remain healthy and grow.

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