What To Expect Once At The Prom

After months of planning, and a day of running around to get your hair done, picking up all the last minute items, making calls to ensure your ride is organized, you are now ready to go to the prom. Do you know however, what to expect from the actual prom? This is not something that is often thought about in advance. For your night of fun, it’s good to know what the night will look like.

Knowing What To Expect
Everything is already planned for you. All your stress of getting ready for the prom is over, and it’s now time to fully enjoy the night. Outlined are just a few things to know regarding most proms nights agendas.

The Dinner
Often times when your prom is held in the gym, you will not have dinner included in your night. So plan your pre-prom meal correctly, to make sure that you end up at the prom on time. Make reservations at the restaurant at least two hours before the start time of your prom. Even with reservations the restaurant could be behind and make you wait a bit, or be busy enough that it takes time to get your food. Booking a couple hours in advance will see you at the prom on time.
If your prom is holding dinner, the price of the dinner is usually included in the price of your tickets. One of the key things to remember for this meal is to use your manners. No elbows on the table, no talking with food in your mouth, and eat appropriate amounts of food; don’t make a piggy of yourself.

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The Dance
Your prom might have live music or a DJ. Typically the music will play for 2-3 hours if it’s a DJ, or in the case of a live band they will normally take a 15-20 minute break in the middle of the dance. They typical pattern of the music will be several fast songs followed by two slow songs. If your prom is a special theme you may have some special dances thrown into your night. You should practice for these dances before the prom.

After Parties
Most proms end around 11:30pm to midnight. Some students rent hotel rooms, or have house parties. Some of these gatherings will be held in good, clean fun. Others will be held with booze, and possibly have drugs involved, not mentioning the sexual activity that could result from the intoxication.

It’s important for you as a young adult to make the smart choice. Demonstrate to your friends and family that you are mature enough to know that partaking in these activities is not a responsible decision and that you’re responsible enough to know that you are not going to ruin all those months of planning, the excitement of the night, with harmful activities. Show everyone that you are going to remember your prom night, and live to see the next morning without a hangover, or worse.

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