Visit The Land Of Love

Are you a romantic, love the idea of eating sophisticated food items or do you want to taste the wine made from the grapes in the South of France. Instead of dreaming about going on holiday in France, why not make it a reality.

There are three things that you need to do when planning a trip to the land of love:
  • Learn The Language
  • Check Your Passports
  • Make An Itinerary
Number One – Learn The Language
Going on holiday is a chance to escape reality and enjoy some new found freedom. Going with the mind-set that you are a tourist will not only put a damper on your trip, but also not let you experience the real France, the way the French do.

The first thing you need to do is learn the language. Take a trip down to your local translation agency and enrol in a French translation course. The aim is to learn the basics of the language and a few essential words that will make your trip that much more exciting. Ensure that you give yourself at least six months to master the basics on the language.

Land Of Love

Number Two – Check Your Passports
Once you are on the road to learning the language, it is time to set the dates for your trip. When planning a trip, you need to ensure that your passport has not expired and will not do so when you are in France. If it has, then simply apply for one at the local home affairs department in your city.
Once you have sorted out your passport, it is time to apply for a visa to visit the country. Speak to travel agency that is making your bookings, as they will be able to help you with meeting the requirements and ensuring that it arrives on time.

Number Three – Make An Itinerary
The last step in your planning is to make an itinerary. In order to make the best possible travel plan ensure that you make a list of all the places you can think of that you would like to visit. When making the list make sure that you place the ‘must see’ places on the top of the list. Once you have completed this list, compare it to the time you have and your budget.

If the list of places to visit is too long, cut down from the bottom, until you are able to make all three, budget, places to see and time available, fit together.

In conclusion, now that the planning is complete, all you need to do is sit back and let the excitement build. Remember; keep practicing your French, that way you will be able to order a croissant with extra butter just like the French do.

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Greg Jones
About the Author:

I am Greg Jones and I love traveling to France. I recently learn the language using a French translation agency and since then am able to order my croissant in perfect French. This not only makes my trips more exciting, but it also allows me to completely break away from work and all the other responsibilities I have.

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