Car Features To Look For When You Have Kids

Most single people want flashy cars. Most prefer form over function. When they start having a family of their own, that’s when their priorities change when it comes to their cars. If you are starting a family yourself but are still clueless on what to look for in a car features, here is a practical guide for you.

When it was just you and your spouse, the backseat and the trunk were more than enough for your things. Now that you have a baby, you need ample space to fit the carrier, stroller, baby bag, etc., etc. When your child gets bigger, you will need the space for toys, sports equipment and school stuff. You need to be able to organize the things inside your car in such a way that they don’t fly all over the place. Look for a car that can accommodate bins or have built-in cubbies and bins.  Some cars have a storage unit built under the floor.

Conversation Mirror
As the name suggests, you can have a conversation with your family while still keeping your eyes on the road. You don’t need to look back at them when you talk. You only need to look up the rear view mirror and you will see all your backseat passengers. This conversation mirror is placed above the rear view mirror. It is convex so you will be able to see your passengers.


Automatic Doors
It’s not easy loading a child and his things inside a car when you’re alone. You need to place your baby in the car seat and load the stroller, baby bag, etc. It gets worse when you go shopping. A good car choice is one that has automatic doors that can be controlled through your key fob. Other cars have trunks and rear doors that can also be remote controlled. Check out sedans, SUV’s and vans for this kind of technology.

A Good Safety Rating
As in restaurants, the more stars your car has, the safer it is but even cars with 1 star have met the minimum safety requirements of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration so don’t be worried. You will be able to see the safety rating on the window sticker.

Window Shades
Your baby’s skin is super sensitive to the sun and even a short exposure can cause sunburn. Family cars should have a built-in window shade which can be controlled by a touch of a button. You will be able to protect your baby’s skin and help him sleep better with this feature.

Parking Assistant
Cars now have a reverse-sensing system that will alert you if there is an object behind you that you are in danger of hitting. If you can afford a car that parks on its own, the better. This is a good feature to have especially if you have a big car such as an SUV or van.

GPS is the trend in vehicles, cellphones and tablets. If you don’t have it, you are missing out on a lot. Keep your huge maps inside the glove compartment and opt for a car with a built-in GPS system. This is especially useful on out of town trips.

Check out reviews of kid-safe vehicles and you can be sure to make an informed choice.
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