The Smart Shoppers Guide To The Christmas Buying Rush

Anyone who has ever found themselves getting stressed and annoyed on Christmas Eve, standing in the middle of a crowded shopping center wishing they were at home having some champagne, will know all too well the dangers of leaving Christmas shopping until the very last minute. Not only can it prove to be a pain, it can bring on a nervous breakdown for some. Don't get caught out this year, plan ahead and shop the smart way!

Like many other annual events, Christmas has a habit of coming around once a year so don't let it sneak up on you. And remember, it is going to be as expensive this year as it was last year. Budgeting ahead of time and putting a bit of money aside in the weeks leading up to Christmas will make the overall hit seem far less painful. Without doubt, your bank balance is going to feel it, but by putting a little bit of cash to one side you can make sure that your wallet doesn't scream in pain when you pull it out for tenth time in the middle of Marks & Spencer.

Shoppers Guide To The Christmas Buying Rush

Lists – I hate them, you hate them – and the chances are that Father Christmas hates them. However, there's no doubt that when it comes to Christmas shopping, a list can prove to be invaluable. Write down a person's name, write down your gift idea, buy it, tick them off. It sounds easy. We all know the reality is something quite different, but if you want to be a smart Christmas shopper then there's no other way.

Overdo it
It's probably the one thing you'd have imagined you didn't want to do, but in reality, buying a few extra presents is a good idea. No doubt you or a member of your family will have forgotten to buy someone a present and unless you want to be diving off to the shops at 5pm on Boxing Day to buy aunty Flo a gift, it makes sense to be prepared. Buying an extra box of chocolates is always a good idea as it won't be wasted even if you don't need an extra present in the end.

Go online  young man
Avoid the bricks and mortar slaughter on Christmas Eve by making the most of simple and effective online retail sites. You know the main players in the industry and as long as you order in plenty of time you shouldn't have to worry about presents getting stuck in the post. Buying online also means that you'll be able to select a gift wrapping option – ideal if you're pretty inept at tying bows with string.

Taking a few deep breaths is sometimes the only way to stay calm when you're Christmas shopping. Even with the best will in the world things can go wrong and plans can get blown away like fairy dust. Take whatever gets thrown at you calmly and without doubt you'll be able to find a solution. Life has a habit of never quite going to plan, but as long as you stay focused and relaxed you'll be able to get through things with a smile on your face. Or perhaps a grimace. But you will get through.
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