Simple Car Maintenance You can do at Home

From time to time our cars begin to lose their performance and if this becomes noticeable then it is time for maintenance. The problem is though that taking your car in for servicing might stretch your budget a little so where possible, if you have the ability to do so, try to do things yourself. While some things should be left to the professionals there are other things that can be done with relative ease. Some simple maintenance jobs can be done by anybody and could make a considerable difference to how your car drives.

Oil Changes
An oil change is very simple to do yet it is also something that has arguably the biggest effect on how your car performs. As a car is driven the oil in the engine becomes dirty and the moving parts of the engine can’t move as freely as they once did. A simple oil change will allow free movement of all parts again and it could make a surprising difference that is instantly noticeable when you get behind the wheel. In addition to helping your engine perform better and making you faster, an oil change will also help you to use less fuel.

Simple Car Maintenance

Spark Plugs
For internal combustion to work, the fuel in your engine needs to be ignited and this is the job of spark plugs. Spark plugs are connected directly to your battery and in much the same way that a lighter uses a flint to ignite the gas, the spark plug uses an electrical spark to ignite the fuel. If your sparkplugs begin to fail then your engine’s performance will begin to suffer as a result and it is time to have new sparkplugs fitted. Thankfully the job of replacing your old sparkplugs with new ones is easy and will not take much time at all.

Oil Filter
If you have recently changed your oil then you would want the oil to remain fresh and clean for as long as possible and an oil filter will help achieve this. After a while though the filter will accumulate too much dirt and debris and will become less effective at its job, at which point it will need to be replaced. Replacing the oil filter is one of the easiest maintenance jobs there is and can conveniently be done at the same time as an oil change. If you feel as though your car is a little sluggish although you only changed your oil quite recently, it could well be time for you to change the filter as well.

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