Decorating Your Home for the Holidays

Many people cannot get into the full spirit of the holidays without the festive decorations of the season.  It just doesn’t feel the same without the grace and warmth of holiday decorations. Many decorate to keep with tradition others to brighten up their home to welcome guests.
Friends and visitors tend to visit more around the holiday season, bringing food, gifts and messages of piece. So it’s nice to have the house-looking lovely for these occasions and make people feel welcomed.

Decorating your home in the spirit of the season can cost very little if you put some care and creativity into it. If you love crafting, this is the perfect opportunity to have some low-cost, high-festivity fun. But if you have a small budget to work with here are some great Holiday Decorating ideas.
  • Before you begin any decoration decide on a style. It makes shopping for decorations easier and makes your finished work look professional.
  • Choose two to three colors for your holiday scheme and keep it consistent. Too many colors can be too distracting and tacky. Try silver, blue and white or red, gold and brown.
  • Do you live in a house, loft, studio or Uptown Apartment? Consider what kind of decorations will suit your area, neighbors and community.
Decorating Your Home for the Holidays
Now that you have an idea of what you want, it is time to spruce up your home this holiday season.

The Tree
When you put up a tree, no matter the color or size it is important to rearrange your furniture to make it the focal point of the room it will be in.  If you decide to cut down or purchase a live tree, keep it in the garage before taking it inside. This gives it time to warm up and get rid of any insects that could be in the branches.

In regards of what type of lighting to put on the tree, it is simply a matter of your preference and family tradition! The lights come in a staggering variety of colors, shapes, sizes and features. The hot new thing this year are LED lights, which use much less energy, are brighter, are hard to break and can potentially last a lifetime before wearing out.  However, they are also 3 times the price of regular light sets. In regards to  ornaments, place them at the ends of the branches and inside the tree to reflect the lights and give it more depth. To secure your ornaments on the tree squeeze the wire hanger closed after you've placed the ornament on the tree. A great idea is to run a train around the base of the tree.

[Safety Tip] Water your Holiday tree daily to avoid fire and to live longer

Delight all the senses
Holidays are about all the senses…
  • Audio: Whenever you're home, turn on a CD or the radio and listen to Holiday music and if you are lucky enough organize a carol-singing group.
  • Smell: Let your nose know it’s the holiday season Prepare a bowl of fresh fruit or holiday cookies to put out.  Use scented candles. Nothing makes a room feel warmer and smell nicer than candlelight. Have potpourri and scented candles in your home.
  • Taste: Many bake and decorate gingerbread house for snacking. If you have guests put festive candies in their rooms.
  • Touch: If you have a collection of holiday themed pillows and throws dress up the couch and chairs. It may seem tacky but holiday sweaters are always fun and keep you warm during cold winter nights.
  • Sight: Well that’s what decorations are for to design your home like the holidays and feel the spirit of the festivities.
 [Safety Tip] Don't overload your electrical outlets with too many appliances.
Start by making your front door welcoming, a wreath that is warm and colorful will let friends and strangers know that your home is in the holiday spirit.
The holidays allow you to put lots of lights out around your home, brightening its look. Most homes look better at night if well lit.  Remember try to finish your outside decorating done early on a nice day.

[Safety Tip] Be aware of how much electrical load you're putting on an outlet.
The finality is to have fun and make decorating enjoyable! By keeping things simple, you'll find that you can appreciate decorating and the holiday traditions with family and friends without getting tired or stressed out in the process. Happy Holidays!

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About the Author:

Chase Heckendorn has worked in finding and designing Uptown Dallas Apartments with and well know consultant in interior decorating for homes in the Dallas area.

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