The Four Party Trends For The Xmas Season

We're getting closer and closer to the party season and are starting to be bombarded with all sorts of Christmas related advertisements. The Christmas works' events are being booked and we're all being asked if we'd like turkey or beef, but the most crucial question is what to wear?

The Four Party Trends For The Xmas Season
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This season sees a mixture of different looks, but with a lot of us wanting to conserve our cash we will more than likely see a lot of high street fashions leading the way. Below are four of the top trends said to be the top of the shops this season.

1)    Tartan - Yes, tartan is making a return to our shops in the shape of dresses and skirts. In recent months we have seen a lot of the celebrities wearing tartan items including Gwen Stefani and Cheryl Cole.

2)    Playsuits - OK, you might not wear them to your Christmas party but these have made a comeback. This is due to the fact that this is a very easy item to dress up or down. You can wear these to hit the shops or by adding some bangles and earrings you are ready to hit the town.

3)    Skinny high heels - As always high heels always make a women look good but this season the "skinny high heel" is set to take over the red carpet.  Also, heels with a concealed platform are going to be a big hit and with everyone from Tess Daly to Tulisa wearing them, they'll be sticking around for some time to come.

4)    Viol Dresses - This trend has been growing in popularity for quite a while and as with everything in fashion it made its way from the Paris, Milan and London catwalks. Many stores on the high street are now pushing this look and they make the perfect party dresses.

Regardless of what look you are going for this season one thing is for sure, the high streets shops will not disappoint with the array women's designer clothing on offer. With many of us feeling the pinch from the double dip, we want as much as we can for as little as possible and many of the high street brands are able to react to this want and deliver.

Let's not forget that whatever dress or skirt and top combo you decide to wear to your Christmas party it's important to accessorize correctly. Bangles, faux fur and coloured gems with pearls are trending now so hit the shops and make sure you get the look.

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