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There are many ways you can redecorate your house cheaply and beautifully. First you should decide which areas need work. Before you do this giving your whole house a rigorous spring clean can help you see where you feel needs sprucing up. Simply giving all of your windows and mirrors a thorough deep clean can help to brighten rooms by up to 50 per cent. Dirty windows stop light getting in and make rooms appear darker and danker than they actually are. After cleaning, gather up all spare textiles, paints and decorating items that you already have. You may be surprised by how much you have accumulated over the years.

Spare textiles can be utilized in many ways around the home. If you have a lot of fabric available then you could sew curtains or cushion covers to perk up a room’s decor. If you only have scraps of fabric, why not consider starting a quilt? Sewing the quilt will be a labor of love and is a great way to unwind after a busy day at work. Having a go with new crafts is a brilliant and fun way to decorate your home. Any excess items you create can also be given as thoughtful gifts to friends and family.
If you wish to simply add some art to your walls to bring your personality and style into a room then you can create your own from mementos. Use old frames or pick up some cheap ones then fill them with old tickets, photographs, pressed flowers, etc. You could use some old paints that you have to create your own original painting.

Decorating Your House
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Consider using more storage options to create space and order to your home. Old trunks can be easily bought from junk shops or car boots if you require a lot of storage. Trunks can be covered with blankets and cushions to create a simple and cheap window seat. Under bed storage is another option to organize out of season clothes to keep your wardrobe uncluttered.

Perhaps you want to overhaul an entire room, picking a focal point to decorate boldly and bring attention to. Picking and decorating a feature wall is an ideal way to enhance a room without breaking the bank. Following the colour or wallpaper chosen you can accent the room with it, creating a colour scheme to tie the room together.

Most importantly, have some fun being creative without breaking the bank! Enlist the help of friends to paint a room or start a sewing circle to add a fun social aspect to creating new cushion designs.

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