Ladies Watches: 5 Tips For Finding The Right Gift

Watches come in all shapes and styles, but you knew that. This really makes it hard to not only buy watches for ourselves, but as gifts for others.
When buying a watch as a gift for her, there are certain factors to look out for, depending on taste and style. Some of these tips might seem obvious, but worth pointing out nonetheless.

Ladies Watches: 5 Tips For Finding The Right Gift
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Silver or Gold?

Possibly the best place to start when buying a ladies watch. Some women love gold, some prefer silver. The watch has to work with other jewellery like rings or bracelets. It's always a good idea to make note of her style of accessories anyway, but whether she prefers silver or gold is best way to start.

Sporty or Posh?

No, not what you're thinking. People don't make style decisions based on their favourite Spice Girl so much anymore. Do you want to buy a watch the woman in your life will wear only on special occasions, or as more practical, everyday time piece? If you're marking out a special occasion, such as a Valentine's Day or anniversary, you could be looking at something like a ladies Tissot Generosi-T watch. However, if you're giving her an extra Christmas gift or birthday present, a fun women's Swatch design, for example, could work if that's their general style.

Bold or subtle?

Both men and women express themselves through clothing and accessories. Does she prefer thin necklace chains and a couple of bangles? Perhaps she would rather wear colourful beads and chunky jewellery designs? Although women's watches tend to be smaller than men's there are plenty of designs around to offer variety. This is where the strap comes in; even if the watch face is still small, watch straps can come with narrow leather or chunky metal links.

Designer fan?

Does she love designer labels and brands? Chances are, she will have a top five of favourite labels that she loves to wear. The thing is, you can't just come straight out and ask, especially if you want the gift to be a surprise. Look out for the subtle hints, and what she likes to wear. It's probably best not to rifle through her wardrobe for clues. That will probably raise questions you really don't want to answer.

With these tips, you should make that special person very happy with the gift of a new watch. So whether it's for everyday wear, or worn for a night on the town, there is enough variety to find the perfect present.

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