How I Met, Fell In Love and Finally Divorced the Electricity Customer Service Chap All In One Telephone Conversation

The lady I had spoken to before had told me she was putting me through to a gentleman in the technical department who would be just the man for me.  I began to grow nervous as the anticipation built. I wondered how I would start the conversation. Should I play it sweetly and flirtatiously?  Should I go in as me right from the start, showing him from the off what I’m like: a woman not to be crossed when tired and hungry. It all started with economy 7 electric storage heaters. I moved into the new house one snowy March day, the weather was bitterly cold so I had put all the electric storage heaters on as soon as I got in there. The first bill came in at £70 which was about right according to my next door neighbor with the same heaters.  I should have known that anything to do with energy bills is never straight forward.
All In One Telephone Conversation
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The Flirting

“Hello there, Chris speaking, how can I help?” His voice was older than I had been expecting, it immediately put me at ease mainly because he had a Geordie accent and I love me an Ant and Dec sound-a-like. I took the sweet tact as I explained that my second monthly bill had been over double the amount of the first bill despite the fact that I had turned off all but two of the heaters. Chris told me all the things I wanted to hear, he wanted to be there for me and support me. We shared a couple of jokes while he waited for his system to load the necessary information and all seemed to be going so well.

The End Of The Honeymoon Period

This blissful sparkly love-filled honeymoon period soon wore off as the complexities of real life hit us. Chris asked about my experience with Electric Storage Heaters and laughed with condescending sympathy when I said I had never used them before.

The Arguments Started

Accusations started to fly as to who was responsible for the problem, this lead to aggression and I’m ashamed to admit the odd swear word from myself.

Irreconcilable Differences

After the shouting the tears came, I cried as I explained that times are financially tough, this bill had knocked me sideways and I didn’t understand why it was so high. Chris sympathised but basically told me things are as they are; I had to pay the bill. I had hung up the phone and thought about the situation, I wondered if there was something better out there for me. I logged onto the internet and saw that there were plenty more fish in the sea, mainly cheaper electricity companies which would suit me more.  I realised that Chris wasn’t the man for me and filed for divorce.

If you have realized that the relationship between you and your energy supplier is no longer working for you and you want to get yourself a new squeeze why not compare electricity prices and see who else is out there.

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