Granite Tiles And Their Inconsistent Problems

Granite tiles are a thing of beauty. Each and every slab of this natural stone can vary and anyone can create a look all their own. Granite can even vary from tile to tile. Without taking proper steps to ensure their durability the lasting effect a home project can go totally in the wrong direction. 

Because granite is so inconsistent the materials within can make it a thing of beauty but often cause the stone to deteriorate as well. Mica, Feldspar and Quartz are some of the inclusions which are detrimental to the lifespan of granite, marble and other solid natural stone products. Quartz shrinks as it cools and when this happens in a home the results can lead to crazing, hairline cracks and even a total breakdown of a tile or solid counter tops. Quartz has a tendency to break loose if found in a single pocket or area. When natural stone is cut it can alter the slab being carved down. If a piece of quartz is within the slab it can easily fly off creating a product which will be short lived.

Granite Tiles And Their Inconsistent Problems
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It's hard to remember that solid stone is actually porous. This too leads to problems with items being sat or spilled on the surface. Often one of the biggest issues is sitting down a cup or container which will leave a ring mark. The ring will stain into the face leaving proof to how porous the surface is. At hand are sealers and maintenance involved with any type of tile but with solid granite there's less but without being subjective it also involves much more. To find out additional information on this and other issues associated with stains and discoloration of natural stone, take a look in for a Dallas Granite Outlet or any other outlet in the local area.

So many things exist which can alter the color or condition of natural stone material that listing them all would require several pages of writing. With tiles a problem can occur in the cutting, polishing or even on-site where it has been mined from. Even simplistic things like a slab of granite being dropped or let down hard can ultimately effect a small spot, section or tile cut from one area.

Cleaners can be another problem involved in granite tiles. Often someone uses a cleaning agent which contains harsh chemicals. Using alcohol to clean the surface of marble is a big “no-no”. The reaction left behind is a cloudy effect which can alter not just the appearance but the durability as it can break down the inclusions in granite. Other things which stain include hydrogen peroxide, cooking grease even water and vinegar will stain granite tiles due to their mineral content.

Sealers are often not discussed when looking into granite or marble. It's thought of as a weak selling point when talking to someone who is buying natural stone for the first time. Some types of sealer will be needed for protection not only from stains but also from scratches and marks which may lift or polish out over time. Be sure to find the right information on sealers as some even turn the material or itself into a yellow staining mess. To find out more on this and other subjective information, take a look in for a Dallas Granite Outlet or any other outlet in the local area.

Other things to keep in mind are as follows. 
*Sanitation—because these tiles are porous they are a haven for bacteria. To keep them clean is vital for everyone who visits as well as family and friends. Never use these tiles for a cutting board for meats and poultry. Over time what ever has come in contact with them will be a living bed of bacteria and odor issues which can linger on for years to come.

*Chemicals---though many chemicals are used to clean and protect granite and stone other natural elements of chemicals exist. Reading up on some of these can be slightly shocking. Several are not regulated by the EPA or anyone to oversee their safety hazards.

*Radon & Radiation—the truth is that all natural stone elements of the earth contain some form of radiation. Radon is caused by the deterioration of radiation so even though this is confusing it's an inherit factor involved with many things as this.

Marble and granite have many issues which come from the day they started to develop millions of years ago all the way to today when tiles are cut, packaged and bought for installation. Every climate, degree and situation in which they are installed in can change every aspect of what can go wrong here. In short nothing is guaranteed and without some professional help along the way any DIY tiler can easily run into nightmare situations. Try not to put a project in this distinctive position. Look around and get more information on the installation of natural hard stones and be sure that everything involved is what will ultimately be the last tile job anyone may ever perform.

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