5 Gift Ideas for your Husband this Christmas

So it’s that time of the year again but you have no idea what you want to buy for your husband this Christmas? We’ll that’s why we’ve created a list to help you pick something that fits your husband’s personality. Just remember to shop early to avoid the impending rush this holiday season.

Power tools and hardware

You can’t go wrong with a few hammers or nails when you know your husband enjoys fiddling around the house fixing things. There’s always something he needs to do a specific job in the house, so start snooping and find that missing power tool in his tool shed. You can’t go wrong with a toolbox as well since we always need a new wrench or that 10” spanner neighbours always borrow but never return.

5 Gift Ideas for your Husband this Christmas
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If you’re husband is the reading type then you can’t go wrong with buying a few books he might enjoy. It’s also a great way to learn more about your husband’s interest so you score both ways. If you don’t know what his favourite author is then you can always turn to magazines subscriptions which tickles his interest. I’ve had popular Mechanics delivered to my door this whole year and it was a great present!

Religious Gifts

If your husband is a religious man then you can go to your closes religious bookstore and get him something that he’ll enjoy and that reminds him of God. Buying a spiritual gift carries a very deep sentiment and he’ll appreciate the gift.


There’s a reason why you have grandparents and that’s to drop the kids off at their house for the weekend and taking your husband away to a secluded holiday destination. The destination doesn’t have to be exotic or expensive, the idea behind the gift is to have some time alone with him away from other responsibilities so that you can bond.

High – Tech toys

If your husband is a lover of technology then you can’t go wrong with any high tech equipment, or even any tech equipment you can find. If he uses a laptop you can even buy accessories to compliment it. Desktop computers hardware constantly gets upgraded so you can ask him what he would like or maybe throw cash together to buy him something.
In the end it’s never about money but the ideal of sharing and spending Christmas together as a family and remembering what it sands for.

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Ruan Smit enjoys nothing more than helping people with ideas for this Christmas, if you need religious gifts for your family then you should head to your nearest Christian bookstore.

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