Tea Time: What Every Successful Tea Parlor Needs

Tea parlors are gaining in popularity following the wave of successful coffee houses which have sprung up over the past decade. Tea parlors appeal to the public’s growing desire to consume healthy organic food, and if you are thinking of opening a tea parlor, here are key ingredients for success. Good tea, good food, good atmosphere, and tiny details are a recipe for tea parlor success. Your water source, your kettles, and your table teapots are essential details for any successful tea parlor.
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Fine Tea
Perhaps even more than coffee, tea parlor customers come to taste high quality drinks. While coffee houses can vary their quality depending on their clientele and target audiences, a tea parlor must be stocked with superior offerings. This is a must for a successful tea parlor, and requires a passion for tea. Use clean, fresh water and make sure your brewing style is suited to your type of parlor. Tea experts advise steering away from mineral water or distilled water for health and taste reasons. Filtered water produces the best hot tea, and don’t forget that regular filter maintenance is vital.

A Transcendent Atmosphere
Customers seek out quality tea for relaxation. A tea parlor’s ambiance should reinforce their search. Many themed decors appropriate for tea parlors naturally lend themselves to creating a relaxing atmosphere. Popular themes such as shabby chic bohemian, antique Asian, and Victorian set the stage for transcendent decor using elements such as beautiful lighting, elegant rugs, and comfortable seating.

You might find a varied, eclectic seating arrangement fits your charming shop, while more formal custom restaurant furniture from Oakville are better suited for a large room. Before settling, talk to others in the industry, or companies like Jamco Wood Products Ltd who can help you find the best ideas for your needs. Find your niche and don’t stray from it.
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Filling the Pot
Next, let’s talk about kettles. Fill your table teapots from stylish kettles that match your decor theme. You’ll need a decent sized kettle and, for taste and health reasons, should avoid kettles with burners inside the tank. Many choose induction burners as their heat source which expands kettle options. Choose designs which are easy for servers to handle. If you choose to use induction burners, consider boiling your water in the dining area to add some dynamic flare.

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A successful tea parlor is built by infusing small details with thoughtful intention. Your own should reflect your taste and design and be enjoyed by a wide demographic. They key is a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere.

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