Four Smart Tips for Eating Out When Dieting

Eating away from home on a diet can be extremely difficult without the proper guidance. Delicious smells of fried foods and baked goodies can cloud otherwise good judgement when it comes to avoiding calories. Take into consideration the following tips to make smarter selections when eating out on a diet.
Four Smart Tips for Eating Out When Dieting
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Substitute Vegetables Whenever Possible
Avoid breaking a diet by allowing bad foods to slip in because they are included in a menu item. For example, if you were eating ribs at Rib City Grill in American Fork or even Salt Lake City ask for steamed vegetables in place of mashed potatoes. Avoid any place that does not offer a selection of sides and also refuses to make substitutions. Any chef that prepares meals fresh from scratch will not have an issue omitting certain ingredients or offering a healthier option to dieters.

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Keep An Eye Out For A Low-Calorie Section
The majority of large chain eateries feature a section of healthier options to please the calorie-conscious crowd. Unfortunately, local establishments may not offer as many options to their menu. Choose baked or grilled entrees over anything greasy and fried. Avoid white bread and starches in the same way that you would eat at home.

Avoid Buffets and Fast Food
Value meals and buffets are a quick diet killer lurking around every corner. Although they may be convenient, fast food contains unhealthy filler ingredients and high-calorie meal options. A baked chicken salad may sound smart, but it can be detrimental once dressing is added in. Buffets are only good for binge-eating in order to feel justified over the amount of money spent on the meal. Eat at real restaurants with the option of ordering from an actual menu.

Indulge In Strict Moderation
When it comes to dessert or other bad foods, practice moderation. Split dessert or take a couple of bites before wrapping it up. It can be tough to smell fatty foods without wanting to take a bite. Stick to one or two bites at most, just to satisfy the temptation or craving.

Maintaining a diet is a constant battle to make the right choices when faced with temptation. Preparing meals at home is not always an option, but there are ways to eat smarter when dining out. Consume food to eliminate hunger, and keep it in mind to not eat until you are full.
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