Reducing the Calories in Your Indian Meal

So your next family meal is being held at an Indian restaurant, something you can’t and don’t want to miss; however you are counting the calories. It is difficult to resist the enticing aromas of Indian food and by making a few changes to your usual choice, you don’t have to worry about the calories you are consuming. Here are a few ideas to make your meal healthier

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Indian Foods

Your favorite dish may not be the healthiest and it is your choice whether you want to reduce the calories you consume in that meal or simply add some variety and opt for a less fattening alternative. Most takeaways have a high salt content so it is important that you limit yourself with the food you eat throughout the day, maintaining the correct calorie consumption for you, depending on your diet and exercise regime.

Making changes such as limiting the amount of sauce you have with your dish or changing the rice will slightly decrease the amount of calories in your chosen dish, however for the least calorific options, read on.

At your local curry house, try to choose the tomato based sauces rather than cream ones. Korma is one of the unhealthiest options due to the large amount of cream and oil included in the sauce, where Madras, a tomato based dish contains fewer calories due to the lack of calorific ingredients. Also, try curries such as biryani, which has a light vegetable sauce, reducing your calorie content.

Instead of choosing red meat such as beef or lamb, opt for lean meat, such as chicken. Vegetables and seafood are also alternative options. Eating too much red meat can increase your chances of contracting high blood pressure and heart disease. Choosing lean meat will make your curry automatically healthier and with the right sauce you have already significantly reduced your calorie consumption.

Instead of pilau rice, opt for plain boiled rice. Ideally, wholegrain rice is preferred however it is unlikely that many Indian restaurants will serve this. Boiled rice contains less fat than pilau rice and as it is a carbohydrate, it will help you feel fuller for longer, further decreasing your calorie consumption.

Try to avoid the poppadum’s as these contain large amounts of oil and are highly addictive. If you do want a starter try a soup dish or chicken tikka, as this isn’t as calorific as alternative options, however they are still tasty. Onion bhajis are also very oily and therefore rather calorific, meaning they should also be avoided.

Indian cuisine is probably one of the most loved in Britain and although some dishes are notoriously unhealthy, there are ways of making your favorite meal healthier and less calorific and making the changes stated above to your regular meal can leave you with a healthier meal that is just as satisfying as your previous one

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