The Most Important Hygiene Tips For Kitchen Staff

The Most Important Hygiene Tips For Kitchen Staff
The very manner in which the world exists leaves us open to the threat of disease and infection on a daily basis. Although such a risk will never be removed from our lives there are so many ways to improve personal hygiene and the cleanliness of our surroundings. Hygiene is absolutely fundamental in all areas but there are some examples of environments in which it appears to take on more meaning and relevance than ever.

One example of this is when food is being prepared at an establishment, whether it is a pub, cafe, restaurant or indeed any other place. Food hygiene should be the most important factor to consider for anyone who works in this area but unfortunately there have been instances of people not keeping to the rules. All kitchen staff should take on board the following hygiene tips whenever they are preparing food for others.
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Thorough cleaning
If you have worked in a restaurant or a busy kitchen somewhere then you will know just how fast-paced things can get and how difficult it can be to keep up with everything. However, this does not mean that there can be any cutting corners when it comes to hygiene so if you work in a kitchen then you should always be thorough when you clean the dishes and cutlery. It is not enough to use water on its own so use the right products and if you have the opportunity allow the plates and suchlike to dry naturally.

Pay attention to the surfaces
It is easy to cut out one simple part of your hygiene routine but this is when the problems occur and bacteria can start to spread. The surfaces that you use in the kitchen are crucial in a lot of ways and they can contribute to germs spreading if you do not recognise how important it is to clean the area after use. Washing your hands is so important that everyone should know automatically how vital it is to do it on a regular basis when they are handling food. If you have been using a worktop to chop or prepare meat for example then you should never put anything else on the surface before cleaning it.

Protect the food
Hairnets should always be worn if you have long hair and are working with food and it is a good idea in many cases to wear protective gloves, as well as aprons. There are also many occasions when it can be sensible to place something over the food to protect it while it is being stored.

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