Easy Recipes Even Beginners Can Cook

If you are a beginner in the field of cooking and you are looking for some great recipes that you can cook at your current skill level, then this the right place for you. There are many recipes for you to try, but you should focus first on simple recipes that can help you master different aspects of cooking quickly and do not require any fancy kitchen equipment.

You should probably first skip the idea of cooking complex meals and give your attention to cooking recipes that you can do right now. Just do your best in cooking these first and someday you will find cooking as easy as walking in a park.
Easy Recipes Even Beginners Can Cook
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Easy Dishes for Beginner Cooks

1. Hard Boiled Egg
You might think that this is a lame idea especially if your aim is to be a great cook someday. But this is something that can help you a lot. The challenge lies on the way the end product should look like. The egg white should remain white and the egg yolk should have yellow color from inside out and not grayish in its outside. You think that this will not teach you anything, but this recipe can already teach you cooking techniques such as blanching.

2. An Omelet

You finally learned to boil picture perfect eggs so the next step to cook an egg in a different way. For your next recipe, you can try a simple omelet. Again, you might think that this will not help you a lot because it is easy to cook. But this will challenge you to know when a fried dish is ready or not.

3. Fried Chicken Thigh

Frying meat is a lot more complex than how it looks. It may appear to be very easy, but this recipe will teach you a lot. You will learn how to clean meat properly, how to make plain meat have unique flavors and you will also learn the value of patience. Remember, the more you stand up and check what you are cooking (frying) the more you increase the chances of you ruining it.

4. Chocolate Covered Pretzels

You won’t have to cook this, but you will definitely learn a lot especially in cooking that deals with sugars and even candies. This will also help you to learn creativity in presenting your dishes. Doing this will help you reveal your artistic sides.
Chocolate Covered Pretzels
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5. Poor Man’s Sushi
If you think you are now ready to do something a little bit complex then try out making poor man’s sushi.  You will need sushi rice, seaweed wrapper, cucumber (as its filling). You don’t have to start with the usual sushi ingredients. This simple recipe will help you out to slowly master the art of making a perfect tasting sushi.

These are just simple dishes and some of them don’t even need to be cooked. But these are all helpful for beginner cooks that are aiming to learn the art and science of cooking. Just be patient and prepare to do some mistakes. Learn from them and become better in each of your cooking activity.

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