Health Guide to Home Remedies

Maybe you have a new home and your allergies are acting out because of the new furniture. Or you accidentally cut yourself while oven cleaning and now there is a small infection on your finger. Did you acquire a nasty rash after doing some rug cleaning? Or were you refreshing the house after the cleaning service, and now you have a slight cold? You should take care of whatever ailment you have, definitely, but you shouldn’t just jump for doctors and pharmacies for those heavy drugs. Try another approach with some home-made medicine.
Health Guide to Home Remedies
Are you coughing? You got a sore throat after swallowing some dust while house cleaning? No problem. There are numerous ways to treat coughing; you don’t have to immediately seek cough syrups. Try ginger, for instance. It has a myriad of medicinal properties and could do wonders not only for the cough, but throat and organism as well. Or get some raw honey and swallow a tablespoon or two every day to remove all kinds of bacteria.

Not a fan of sweets? Try garlic then, its antiviral properties will fight off different infections. Or maybe lemon. It might be sour, but that citric acid will take care of the bacteria in your system, and, as a bonus, the vitamin C will boost your immune system.
Home Remedies
Did the exposure to some cleaning product leave you with rashes or other skin problems? Apple cider vinegar will extract all the excess liquids in your skin and will treat pain and inflammation. Baking soda has antiseptic effects that will treat your skin cells and pores. Lavender oil helps for pain and inflammation, it helps you against scarring and it smells good!

Do you have rough and dry hands? Many products found around the house are actually very good cosmetic products. Massage your hands with some olive oil to keep the skin soft, and even fight off aging for a while. Milk cream is a natural moisturizer that will help the softening of your hands, and the lactose husks out the dry skin, refreshing the massaged parts. You might think that honey is too sticky to do the job, but think again. It will keep moisture in your hands and its appliance will eventually result in smooth skin.

Do you feel nauseous? Make some ginger chips or ginger root tea to alleviate the effect. It also helps fight off fever and colds. Lemon and honey could easily do the same for you.

Did you get burned while cooking or by some harsh product during spring cleaning? Apply aloe vera to soothe the skin and make a coating of a sort that will protect your skin against irritating air currents.

Is your neck stiff from all the bending you have been doing during rug cleaning? Do you know what the cure is? Water! Massage your neck with hot water, then some cold water, then hot water again to stir up the blood and soften up the neck muscles.

As you can see, not only doctors know best. You can easily treat yourself against smaller problems instead of rushing to the nearest clinic for medicinal advice. Home remedies work and you can try them to see just how well.

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