The Six Best Side Effects of Eating the Right Foods

Eating the right foods is far more than the chore many people make it out to be. For those that choose the spinach over the spaghetti, here are some awesome side effects you get to enjoy.
Six Best Side Effects of Eating the Right Foods
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Feel Energized
You just polished off a pizza and begin slipping into a food coma. The body becomes heavy and sluggish as you pass out on the couch watching movies. For healthy eaters, this is never an issue. Because the vegetables, meats and fruits aren't laden with grease and chemicals, the body gets the nutrients it needs to remain active and feeling good.

Smile Brighter
Sugars from sodas, candies, coffees, cakes and all other junk foods work to break down the enamel on your teeth. Additionally, a specialist from Edgewood Dental Care Family Dentistry says these sugary foods promote bacterial growth between teeth, hastening the onset of dental problems. Opting for water and fruits and nuts, on the other hand, helps naturally wick away the dangerous microbes, keeping your teeth cleaner and brighter.

Be Healthier

Diabetes and even certain types of cancer are brought about by eating nothing but junk. Because you deprive your body of what it needs to properly function, it begins to deteriorate, allowing what should be minor issues to develop into lifelong sicknesses.

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Feel Happier
Researchers in New Zealand found a direct correlation between eating meats, fruits and vegetables and feeling better overall. A surprising revelation showed that this happiness didn’t only happen on the days when participants ate better. It continued on through the next day. Seven daily servings of fruits and vegetables turns out to be the ideal number for the ultimate mood boost.

Weigh Less
As the obesity epidemic grows, so too do all of the horrible health problems tied to it. By switching to a healthier diet, you don’t even have to work out to start losing weight. Healthy foods are extremely high in nutrients, meaning you can eat less and feel more satisfied. After all, weight loss is simply calories in versus calories out.

Live Longer
The right foods also result in an extended lifeline. Because junk foods are related to sicknesses and weight gain, simply changing your diet automatically adds on a few more years to your life. In addition, the foods you eat provide the body with the nutrients it needs to keep everything running at maximum potential.

Your body is like a car—if you take care of it by only filling it with the best fuel, and it will last much longer and run far more efficiently.

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