Setting Things Straight: Foods to Avoid With Braces

You have to pay special attention to your diet if you are wearing braces. There are certain foods you might have to avoid because they can damage your braces and new hardware in your mouth. Below are some examples of the foods that you should not eat while you are wearing braces, and how to better protect your smile investment.
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Hard Candy
If you bite down on hard candy, then it could cause the braces wires to fall off or break. Hard candy is typically very high in sugar. Not only can you damage your braces by eating hard candy, but you can also increase your chances of developing tooth decay. It is important to note that you are already at an increased risk for developing tooth decay while you are wearing braces.

Pizza Crust
You do not have to avoid pizza while you are wearing braces, but you may need to avoid eating the crust. Not only should you avoid pizza crust, but you should also avoid eating any type of hard bread, including bagels that have a hard crunchy top.

There are several reasons you should avoid eating popcorn if you wear braces. The popcorn can very easily get stuck in between your teeth and irritate your gums. It can also cause infection between the root of your tooth and gum. The unpopped kernels can also dislodge or bend the wires.

Hard Pretzels
Hard pretzels can loosen the bands and bend the wires when you chew them. They can also knock off the brackets. You can eat soft pretzels if you like, but you should cut them into very small pieces before you eat them.

Beef Jerky
Beef jerky should be avoided because it can be very hard to chew. Beef jerky can easily bend and dislodge braces wires if taken in a large amount.

Ice is one of the worst things you can eat if you have braces. Ice can crack the cement, which is an adhesive that bonds your braces to your teeth. A Utah family dentist recommends that you also avoid sucking on ice. You may accidentally bite down on the ice. All it takes is one bite of ice to cause serious damage to your braces.

Making dietary changes is one of the challenges that comes along with wearing braces. Hard candy, pizza crust, beef jerky, ice, soft candy, hard pretzels and popcorn are some of the foods you should avoid because they can seriously damage your braces. If you have any questions about your braces, then it is a good idea to contact a family dentist in Utah or close to your home.
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