How to Have Your Own Home Clearance Sale!

Has your recent domestic clearance left you with lots of unwanted items? Is your home free from mess but still cluttered up with unwanted furniture, boxes of clothes or old appliances? Do you want to make a little bit of money from your house clearance? Have a look at the following tips to find out more about how you can have your own home clearance sale!
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1)    Think about what you want to sell.
Property clearance services are a great way for you to get your home into shape, but what can you do with all of your left over items? Begin by deciding what it is you want to keep and what it is you don’t. Ensure that all of the items that you’re planning on getting rid of – whether it’s clothes or furniture – are in good condition. You won’t be able to sell anything that’s stained or damaged! If you do have items that are of a low quality then throw them away – charity shops won’t want to take clothes, bags or furniture that aren’t of a usable quality!

2)    Selling your items through an auction website.
Auction websites are an incredibly popular way for you to see your belongings. Auction websites are quick to use, easy to work with and see a lot of traffic. They might not be the ideal choice for you if you’re looking to sell large items, fragile items or items that can’t be posted, so if you have belongings of this type then you might want to try selling them elsewhere!

3)    Selling your items in and around your neighbourhood.
There are many ways in which you can sell your clearance items in and around your neighbourhood. From advertising your furniture in the window of your corner shop to placing an ad in your local paper, there are lots of ways in which you can drum up interest for the items from youflat clearance or house clearance.
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4)    Planning your own car boot sale.
Car boot sales are popular and are a great way to sell your belongings locally. Have a look in the newspaper for your area or ask around to find out about car boot sales or jumble sales in your area. You can always organize your own event if you have a venue and a method of advertisement! Speak to friends, family, neighbors and colleagues to see if they’re interested in taking part. You might be surprised at the outcome

5)    How to sell your furniture.
Selling furniture after hiring the help of a clearance company, clearance services or just after a good sort-out can be difficult as it can’t be posted and can be hard for people to collect or move. There are lots of pre-owned furniture websites that can be searched locally, and this is a great option for you if you want to sell your furniture!

6)    Donating to charity.
If you’re struggling to sell your large items then you can always donate them to charity instead! This is an excellent way to recycle your belongings whilst helping out a charity of your choice. Charity shops won’t just accept clothes, books and games – they’ll also take furniture if it’s in good condition. Speak to your local furniture charity shops to see if they’ll be able to help you.

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