Hot Tub Winterization Tips

House cleaning during the winter has more needs than simply vacuuming and getting things ready for the cold days ahead. There are some serious issues to be had with frozen water pipes during the winter, but as it stands it is not the very pipes that are frozen, but the water within them that creates the issue.
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When water freezes it tends to expand the pipes it is carried in. Since pipes can’t really expand that much, the water inside will crack them and open them up in many cases. If you really don’t plan on using the hot tub during the winter, then you will need to work on draining the pipes from water and ensuring you have them clean and ready for the cold days ahead.

If you want to shut it down when you do your best to keep your house clean, hire professional domestic cleaning and then follow these tips ahead:
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•    Unplug the hot tub and make sure you disconnect it from its power source. Switch the heater to its off position, and then turn off the power button. Turn off the circuit breaker for the hot tub to complete this step.
•    Remove its thermal cover and make sure you set it aside, and then work on draining the tub by removing its plug and then siphon the rest of the water out of it by using a hose.
•    Turn the circuit breaker on again, and then power the switch on and run the blowers for about a minute or so to remove any last remaining water from the water lines.
•    Turn the power switch off once again, and then switch the tub’s circuit breaker off. Make sure you take apart the drains and valves on the heater and pump and allow the water to drain out completely. Remove all of it, even if you have to vacuum it out using a wet vac.
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•    Store the heater, valves and its parts as well as the pump in a safe location. Remove the filter of the tub and clean it if it happens to be reusable, and then store it with the rest of the parts.
•    Using old towels and rags dry the inside and outside of the tub before you move on. You will need to do this just in case, and then remember to place the cover back on top of it, securing it as you finish this step.
•    Cover the whole tub with a good tarp and secure it by either weighing it down or tying it to ensure it will not be blown away by strong winds.
•    Check the warranty of the hot tub and see whether the manufacturer will guarantee against damage during the winter if you need to use a professional. You would do well to look for professional help, especially if you have to do house cleaning as well or you happen to be moving away.
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