Backyard Beauty: Ideas to Create a Perfect Vegetable Garden

Vegetable gardens are growing in popularity, and not just because of the great health benefits that come with eating fresh produce, or the economic advantages a successful garden can yield at the end of the season. They can also be an aesthetically pleasing component that pulls together the entire backyard!

Here are a few ideas that can help you move away from the rectangular plot of soil lined with methodically arranged rows of tomato, and pea plants, budding heads of lettuce ripening squash.
Vegetable gardens
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Add colors and Varied Patterns
A vegetable garden can be easy to work and a beautiful place to enjoy the outdoors, as long as you design it to fit with the existing slopes and flat areas in the back yard, while also considering the use of colorful flowers throughout. Doing so will allow for all kinds of possibilities for incorporating a decorative fence, using varying shapes and patterns, or crafting attractive walking paths. All these will add an element of style to a functional garden space.

Consider a pretty hexagonal-shaped garden divided into triangular plots by small pathways, and surrounded by semicircles of berry bushes and flowers? If you have a stream or small pond, design the garden around it to make it the central focal point of this backyard oasis!

Give Your Plants a 'Raise'
Raised beds have lots of nice benefits, including improved drainage, lengthier growing seasons due to their ability to warm up faster, and of course greater ease of weeding and harvesting. Along with these good reasons to give raised beds a try in your garden, they can add a multi-layered look to the overall spread, and provide more opportunities to divide plantings up based on height, color and texture.

Reach for the Sky
Many types of vegetables and flowering plants require support, and they can add much to the appearance of your garden. Include climbing bean plants braced by a lattice wall, or an ornate round trellis to hold up vine plants like sugar snap peas.

Mills Fence Co. says small picket fences or vinyl fences in Cincinnati, OH are gaining in popularity since they can divide up the space and create an organized garden. Even a central gazebo can serve as a gorgeous way to keep the plants thriving, while also putting the finishing touches on an eye-catching summer display.

The home gardener is only limited by their own imagination. Add bird baths, sun dials, wind chimes, or the occasional line of solar-powered path lighting to personalize the space and get growing in style!

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