Low Maintenance Perennials for Your Garden

There are many ways you can improve your garden, but flowers are the most common and classic way of doing so. Not all flowers are the same however, so you will need to make sure you plan ahead and use strong and low maintenance perennials if you want to have less issues to deal with in the long run. Reliable and beautiful plants will need to be used if you want to have an easier time gardening and keeping it in top condition. Reliable plants can vary, but we have set aside some of them that happen to be on the sturdier and low garden maintenance side:
Low Maintenance Perennials for Your Garden
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• Sedum
This is one of the most reliable and low maintenance plants around you can use, making sure you will have to do little to keep it alive and going after planting. The plants happen to be star-shaped and beautiful, their blooming period making them an excellent attractor for butterflies. Their varieties during the fall season will often bring monarch butterflies and other insects around that enjoy them. They have a very interesting look and they offer some great-looking foliage you can enjoy all the way until the end of the fall season.
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• Agastache
This is a strong perennial plant with strong resistance to draughts that often gets ignored in favor of other plants, but it happens to be an amazing addition to your regular habitat, capable of attracting butterflies and even hummingbirds if the area has them. When the late season approaches, their seed heads can become a food for birds in the area. The plant has a variety of colors, ranging from blue to purple and pink, orange and red flowers. Its colors can be a great addition to your garden if you’re careful about its placing.
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• Coreopsis
Even though you will likely find this perennial as an easy plant to deal with from seedling to its grown shape, you should still give it a lot of sun and dry conditions to see it thrive. There are different varieties that allow you to enjoy aspects of a different look on your garden you may not have seen before. They can vary from orange to pink as well as brighter red for a nice and colorful addition to your yard. It’s a tough little flower, but it goes a long way and survives harsh conditions.

• Pasque flower
If you are one of those gardeners who happen to prefer the truly unique type of blooms, then you will really enjoy the pasque flower. They bloom during the early spring with purple blossoms, adding a really beautiful look to your garden. The seed heads can last for quite a long time after the flowers are gone and they happen to look quite pleasant to the eye as well.

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