The Ultimate Tips for Keeping Your Living Room Tidy and Organized

The living room is the heart of your house. It’s a central place for gatherings and leisure time. There is a lot of action in this area and thus it gets messy quite often. There are many reasons to want a clean and organized living room. You will feel more comfortable to invite friends over or avoid the risk of tripping on a shoe or toy. Most of all, you will enjoy the relaxing atmosphere of a tidy home.

On the Go
Don’t randomly throw clothes and shoes all over the room. Place everything in its right place. If you have children, your living room probably looks like a battlefield. Make a little playground area or simply restrict the access to this part of the house. You can also talk with your infants. Explain why organization is important. Ask them kindly to put the toys back in their room.

Develop a habit of cleaning on the go. If you are waiting for the next big cleaning, your house will be flooded with clutter. When you spot a problem, take care of it immediately. When you make an actual cleaning you will have less to do, while you keep the impression of tidy space for a longer time.
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Less is More
No, you don’t need to say goodbye to your favourite artwork or exquisite details. You should remove the items that don’t serve any essential purpose. Old magazines and newspapers usually lay on the coffee table for months. Inspect the dressers for old and forgotten objects.

After your last house cleaning, you probably filled the free storage space with things you don’t actually need. “Away from sight away from mind” describes perfectly the de – cluttering habits of most of the people. You either didn’t have time to think where to put your possessions or you were just lazy. Next time, make a list with the things you will keep or donate. Then, think about potential storage locations.
Cleaning and organized living room
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Media and Mail
If you have a large collection of CDs and DVDs, you need to organise them. Take a couple minutes and go through your media. Pick only the essentials. The rest you can give away to your friends and family or sell it online.  Set a specific media area like DVD towers, bookcases or drawers.

Invest in baskets and put them on strategic places. You collect your magazines, shoes and toys. Purchase a paper folder for the important mails and bills. The junk mail should go straight to the bin.

Speed Cleaning
If you can’t dedicate a whole day to the house cleaning, give a refreshing touch with a few cleaning tips. Dust off the surfaces at the eye – level with a microfiber cloth. Make small visual adjustments by fluffing the pillows. Vacuuming is the perfect way to get everything back in order.
Turn your living room into the ideal place for relaxing
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 Turn your living room into the ideal place for relaxing with your family or for having fun with your friends and relatives.

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