Start Growing Your Own Vegetable Garden

Planting your own vegetable garden can be a great alternative to buying your goods at the local farmers’ market or supermarket. By growing your own produce, you can eat your tomatoes straight off the vine and chop up fresh lettuce in your salad! The smell of your own vegetable patch and kaleidoscope of colored peppers will also lend an original and ‘homey’ atmosphere to your backyard. While most people might be intimidated at first by the prospect of growing their own veg, by following these simple tips, you’ll be surprised by how fulfilling a task it can actually become!

Before beginning you’ll need to carry out a garden clearance and designate an area of your garden as your vegetable patch!  Then you’ll need to invest in the proper tools to help create the healthiest of all vegetable gardens.
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First of you’ll need to buy seeds of your choice and it’s advisable (due to temperamental weather conditions, including frost) to start growing your seeds indoors in seed starter pots. You can then transfer your seedlings to your garden. Purchasing a tiller will allow you to break up and loosen soil. That way you won’t need to perform a leaf clearance, as you can break up the fallen leaves and other garden waste into soil.

A necessary tool is a spade. Since spades come in different sizes you’ll need to select a spade to suit the size of your garden. Spades can be great for weed control and turning soil in small patches of green. A rake with sharp teeth is a great tool to break up clumps of soil after tilling. To transport your soil invest in wheelbarrow. Adding fertiliser to your vegetable garden will help your veggies and ensure maximum growth potential. By buying a compost bin you can collect lawn waste and organic kitchen waste and add it to your soil.

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All plants are different and some like tomatoes, peas and peppers may need support to grow upwards, so you’ll want to use trellises. If you’ve only got a small vegetable garden you can probably just use watering cans or hose to feed your plants. However for a larger vegetable patch it would be worth investing in a sprinkler.
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Once your vegetables are ready for picking you can use a harvest basket to carry your garden’s bounty inside. The basket can even double up as a tool carrier before you start to collect your vegetables.

Watering your vegetable garden can prove expensive, so here’s a tip on how to save on money and water! Collect water with a rain barrel but remember to also use a cover, as harvesting rainwater can attract mosquito's. 

This may all seem like rather a lot of equipment to facilitate a vegetable garden. But once you know what you’re looking for you can then get busy writing a list and get down to your local hardware or gardening store. If you haven’t got the time or the means to go the shop, then you can find all these tools online for decent prices on websites like ebay or amazon. By using such websites you can type the name of the specific tool you require in the search engine and a wealth of options will pop up.

You might be asking yourself why you actually need your own vegetable garden, when farmers’ markets and organic stalls sell fresh produce, which you can purchase without any hassle or effort of your own. The answer is that growing your own harvest is fun and rewarding. Eating your own produce will also give you a satisfaction unlike any other and your vegetables couldn’t be fresher, coming straight from your garden to your kitchen table!

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