Tips for Using Classical Decor in a Contemporary Home

Combining a modern and classical interior style can be a little tricky, but with some key tips and fun ideas, the transition becomes magical. One important thing to remember is to use one style more than the other. Choosing to let the modern style take the lead and letting the traditional design complement it is the best way to mesh the two styles together. Doing this allows the two styles to work together without making the room seem incomplete or clashing. If homeowners attempt to use a 50/50 mix of modern and classical styles, the home will not look like the two styles belong together.
Classical Decor in a Contemporary Home
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Add a Splash of Color
A great way to redecorate traditional furniture pieces so they fit in a modern home is to add a complementing color palette to the furniture. Using a bold color paired with traditional pillow coverings makes a huge statement without overpowering the look. Painting traditionally styled tables, chairs, and mirrored frames to match the modern colors of the home helps add a modern touch while keeping the classical style fresh and clean.

Color can be used in different ways and sometimes the best way to find the right ones to use is by trying them out in the home. For instance, color swatches and samples can be painted on objects in different places so they can be observed in all the different lighting throughout the day. This will help the homeowner decide what works best in their home.

Using Traditional Art
Adding landscape paintings and portraits is a great way to add a touch of classical decor to a modern or contemporary home. Paintings can be re-framed in sleek and stylish frames to modernize them. They can also be placed in traditional frames with ornate carvings for a more classical feel. These frames can be painted bright colors to help mesh the traditional painting to the contemporary style of the home.

Classical artwork, like that found in 17th Century scenes and landscape paintings for hotels, should be used to bring a traditional feel to a contemporary interior. Landscape paintings can be tied into the modern style of the home by simply using one of the colors in the portrait to paint the frame.

Sculptures and Other Accents
Using sculptures of famous statues and busts of historical figures is a great way to add that classical touch to a room or a home. Homeowners can also have columns with ornate details carved into them added to their porch or deck to make the outside of the home look a bit traditional too. This helps marry the two styles and brings the outside and inside of the home together in a cohesive design. Mirrors, candelabras, and traditionally patterned rugs are also great accessories to use in a mixed style.

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Classical Fabrics
Classical styles use a lot of patterns and floral motifs, while modern prints are simple and sleek. A great way to mix the two styles without looking gaudy is by using a modern piece of furniture, but covering it with a classical pattern. For instance, using a metal framed chair and applying a paisley or floral print upholstery to the cushions helps marry the two designs. A chair skirt in a solid color that complements the traditional fabric helps mesh the two styles seamlessly. Fabrics can be used in many different ways to achieve the desired look.

Although classical and modern styles are not usually mixed because they are so different, the styles can be combined with success if done correctly. Using the modern style as the dominant decor and accenting it with traditional pieces is the key to meshing the two styles properly. Painting frames and adding classical fabrics is a great way to combine the two styles for a cohesive look and feel.
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