Fashion Rules for Freshers: What Not to Wear to Work

For a fresher, working life seems exciting and intimidating at the same time. You’re eager to be all ‘grown up’ and earn your daily bread (pocket money, rather) but, on the other hand, fitting into the workplace is quite daunting. Your young blood is blissfully unaware of the unwritten rules of conduct most experienced professional seamlessly abide by. Out of all the things you’re unsure about, the choice of office attire tends to top the list. Your wardrobe still reflects the ‘college you,’ but you know you can’t display the ‘college you’ to your workmates. At the same time, you don’t want to look too grown up (read old.) So, how do you strike a balance between youthful, yet serious and still look professional?
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Here are a couple of tips to help you out:

Bade Goodbye to Bling:
In college, bling was hot. In the workplace, it’s not. Get rid of those jazzy, studded clips, bracelets, lockets and Tees. Understated elegance is preferred to flamboyant flair. This doesn’t mean that you stop wearing accessories on the whole. Just stick ones that are sleek, classy and not very clanky.

No Tee Talk:
Tees with messages might seem funky, hip and even borderline rebellious. This is precisely why you must not wear them to work. You really don’t want your boss to know your views on alcohol consumption or feminism. So, stick to message-free, sober T-shirts. When it comes to colours and style however, you can experiment in that department. See, working life isn’t that bad!

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Skin Show, No More!
This is something you should be careful about, especially if you’re a female employee. Low necks, deep backs, high slits are an absolute no-no. Showing off too much skin at the workplace is considered tacky and very unprofessional. So, be careful of your neckline when you bend or your hemline when you sit. IF you have too many of such risqué blouses, invest in a couple of stylish jackets or scarves.

Shoe Woes:
Movies can be very misleading here. They portray women parading around in sky-high heels when in reality; working women don’t really wear or like wearing heels much. First of all, it is very uncomfortable, and secondly, tick-tocking heels can be very disturbing in a quiet office. So, opt for closed-toe flat pumps. If you want to wear heels, kitten heels make for a sensible, yet stylish choice. Needless to say, flip-flops are a complete no-no

Skirting the Rules:
Should you wear skirts or should you not, that is the question. Well, the answer is; yes, you can. But, you have to be very careful about the length and pattern of your skirt. Give a wide berth to figure-hugging ones or one’s that are too short. Wear skirts that complement your body type to avoid drawing unwanted attention to your figure.

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With these style rules to guide you, you’ll be able to make a smooth transition from being a casuals-loving college kid to an elegant working woman. However, of all the things you might have to let go off, never let go of your youthful exuberance, curiosity and zest for life!
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