5 Easy Decorating Tips for Any Budget

1) Online Marketplaces
There are a wide range of online marketplaces available to discerning consumers right now, just waiting for you to find a bargain! Whether you are looking to offload some of your old stuff, find new or second hand furniture, find parts for or new materials to improve old furniture or even purchase a bespoke or one of a kind art piece there are literally hundreds of sites out there for your needs. But, the best thing about purchasing from an online marketplace? Whatever you find, you can be almost certain in the knowledge that you won’t be turning up to your friend’s house the next week only to find they have the same furniture as you!
Easy Decorating Tips
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2) Feature Wall
Instead of redecorating a whole room, which can take a lot of time and money, create a feature wall by repainting or redecorating a single wall (usually the one first seen as you enter the room). A simple repaint in a bright colour, fresh wallpaper or an interesting art piece or wall hanging can dramatically change a room without having to resort to the costly expense of changing the whole room.

3) Adapting and recycling
Repainting old wooden furniture can bring a new lease of life to any room and is surprisingly easy to do. Same goes for cupboards and cabinets – even if they can’t be repainted, have a look online for custom handles and frames. Failing that, speak to the manufacturer, in many cases they might be happy to supply you with a new front or part for an old cabinet that makes it look as good as new, for a fraction of the cost of replacing the whole unit.

Reholstering old furniture is also another option, and is a lot easier to do than you might think. With a huge variety of fabrics available at cheap prices, you can have your old sofa or armchair looking brand new and unique within one day. If you have no clue where to start, a few online searches should throw up a plethora of websites that can teach you the basics.

4) DIY Art
Not everyone can afford a Picasso, so instead of that expensive replica or print why not make your own art? If you’re not an artistically minded person, most people know at least someone who counts art as one of their hobbies, even if it’s just a friend of a friend. If not, consider online marketplaces or car boot sales; picking up an artwork you like by an unknown artist can make a room just as great as a valuable piece and adds your own spin to the room.

5) Save Money
With the advent of the internet it’s never been easier to learn a skill from home or, for something more involved, where you can learn in your area. Next time you go to call in the professionals, think if you could do it yourself for half the cost – and add a new skill to your bow into the bargain. For larger scale projects, why not call in a few favours and get your friends or family round. You might be surprised how fun getting a bunch of people round, blasting some tunes and painting a few walls can be, and at the end of it all you get the satisfaction of a well decorated room without having to call someone in to do it for you!

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