Travel Blog: 5 Engaging Topics to Discuss About Travel

Traveling is something that every people wants to do on their spare time or break from work/school. This activity is for people who are really outgoing and wants to experience the outdoor life whether they are in a group or going solo. These people eventually put their travel experiences in a blog so that they can help other people in when it comes to travel. This simple blog becomes a hobby then if a person gets lucky on this, he or she can earn from this hobby.
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Travel is always an anticipated niche for every freelance writer in the community of online earning. Who would never want an all- expense out of town getaway? Meanwhile, you must have an idea of the best five topics to write about before the excitement gets in your system.

•    Food
Food is one of the reasons for travel, so, it is always effective to give your reader a glimpse of what their taste buds must expect of the place. Give a list of the most expensive cuisine to the ones they can eat from the street.

With this comes your chance to do some promotion for the noted restaurants and hotels scattering the tourist spots. While many will not allow you to publish the entire price list, you can at least give your reader of the approximate they would need, say at least three-day stay.

•    Crime
Remember, you are a freelance writer, not a public relations officer. Hence, you have a variety of topics to choose from – either constructive or not. Life is ironic and people would always want to know the darkness behind every gold, so give them. Every place has its dark secrets and scandals that make them famous. Give the details of these scandals and crime news and readers would likely to read it because of curiosity.

You can make good use of the internet, newspapers and interview once you reach the place for decent resources for your blog post.

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•    Historical Spots
There are different people in the world, if your readers are mostly adult, then you can write about historical places on the target area. You will help them if you can provide some background and transportation guide.

•    Picture-perfect Location
I can bet this month’s pay if tourists aching for pictures drop to less than 50 percent. Taking tangible memories is part of going places so make sure to suggest your readers with best spots to print their smiles on.

•    Do’s and Don’ts

As a freelance writer, your duty is to inform your readers. So, give as much information to them. One of the best, if not the most, is giving them the list of the things they must do and not on the place. 

Remember to write a very engaging travel blog and you have the blog post with great shot photos. In this way, you can maintain regular readers and thus, making your travel blog more profitable while enjoying your time on the road.
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