Six Bold Fashions to Enjoy Before The End of Summer

Summer’s almost over, but that doesn’t mean the warm weather fashions have to be! Forget about the inevitability of colder months, and check out these six bold fashions to enjoy before the end of summer!
Six Bold Fashions of Summer
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Boots Aren’t Just for Snow
Many fashion trend-setters have been spotted wearing ankle boots and booties this summer. Pair with short shorts or a short skirt, and you have a great, cowgirl-type summer look. Just make sure to wear thin socks under the boots for comfort and to wick away sweat.

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Show off Some Bling
You’ve likely already noticed that the rings are getting bigger and so are the earrings and so are the necklaces. Heck, the bracelets are too. Bling is definitely in this summer, with bold rings, huge rocks and gaudy bib necklaces to match. Get in on the bling and enjoy your bangles up to the last day of the season!

Brighten Up
Soft whites, ivories, eggshells, linens, beiges and taupes are all out. We’ve always known that summer is a time to brighten things up color-wise, but this year, designers have taken it to an extreme. Get crazy with color and enjoy your neon tops and prints before they’re gone.

Stand Out With Wedges
Heels are a girl’s best friend. They lengthen the leg, give a sexy silhouette and make a beautiful clip clop sound on the sidewalk. But we all know heels feel when you try to wear them all day and all night. On the other hand, wedges are not only sexy and fashionable, but they also make you taller and sleeker without giving you sore feet at the end of an hour’s wear.
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Learn to Love the Crop-Top
Midriff tops aren’t just for tweens and teenagers anymore. More women in their thirties, forties and fifties are sporting belly-revealing tops on the streets and at the beach. Fashion experts agree the look can actually be quite flattering overall. Focus on exposing the area from the belly button up to a few inches below the bra line.

Finally, don’t forget to feel confident when you show off that glowing summer skin in these fun fashions. Many women feel that they don’t deserve to wear midriff revealing tops or short shorts because they are embarrassed about their skin or body hair.

If the latter is the case, a Utah laser hair removal specialist recommends looking into permanent hair removal, as this will save you both time and boost your confidence—especially when you’re in shorts or a bathing suit this summer! Try all of these fun fashions this summer.
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