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Well, it’s time to say goodbye to old friends and neighbors. If you have been lucky enough to have developed a good relationship with your neighbors it’s nice to be able to say goodbye and leave them something to remember you by, when the day comes for the removal van to drive away. Moving home can be expensive however, and in an effort to reduce costs many of us may be tempted to slink away in the dead of night to spare awkward blushes and goodbyes. This does not need to happen.

With some careful though and inventiveness  frugal ,yet considerate gifts can be created in your home using up items you no longer want or need and at the same time  reducing  the amount of stuff you need to move to your new home.

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Plants –lovingly cared for plants can also make both a wonderful and welcome gift to give to your new neighbor .Just trim and tidy them beforehand and ensure the pot is clean and fresh too .Plants can be difficult and are not cost always easy to move either so unless they are truly irreplaceable, it’s best to leave them in your old home or gift them away.

Pictures and Paintings –Do you having a painting hanging in your spare room? Are you sick of looking at it? Did you create a ‘wonderful ‘masterpiece in an art class that no longer interests you or have you received one as a present and you really don’t like? Why not taking moving home to East London as an opportunity to leave that painting behind and create a fresh gift for a neighbor .Just a quick dust and clean and you will have a lovely personal gift.

Home Baking /Sweet Making –When moving home many of us are tempted to throw out half finished bags of flour and baking goods .Why not take the opportunity to create cakes and biscuits using all your store cupboard ingredients? Create some lovely cakes and then simply decorate and give to your neighbor. Get rid of even more home clutter by packing biscuits and container in decorated containers and boxes from your home, for example a decorated jam jar can look really decorative when tied with a lovely ribbon.
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Ornaments/DVDs and CDs –Collect together any ornaments, DVDs and CDs that you do not want to take to your new home .Give them a good dust and clean so that they look as good as new. Simple wrap in tissue paper and place in an appropriate box .Alternatively wrap in newspapers and tie artistically to create a themed moving present. The box with ribbon which can be bought cheaply at any discount store. They will look unique and will make a lovely gift.

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Cushion Covers – do you have sewing skills? More than likely your curtains will not fit your new home either due to size or colour .While you may be tempted to drop them off at the charity shop why not create cushion covers, table cloths  or artistic handbags from them ? These are simple and easy to make and always a welcome gift.

Finally just before moving why not have a leaving party and serve up the contents of your food cupboard and freezer to your guests? Use this as an opportunity to say your goodbyes and also hand out your various gifts while at the same time not wasting food and drink that may otherwise have perished.

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